Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I am William Bunker, Christian Eagle Scout living in Westford, Massachusetts.

This is my campaign page from my run for Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2008. I got 14% of the vote in the September 16 primaries. I am running for United States House of Representatives in 2010. My new campaign page is at William Bunker for Congress. I encourage you to join the campaign!

Three issues of my [2008] campaign:


Energy technologies, war with Iran, and clean foods.

Video: Clearwater, Florida company Aquygen's water powered engines

Interviews with ex-Pentagon officials and inventors show that advanced energy technology is likely within our grasp and vaults already.

Video: Ex-Pentagon officials discuss energy patents

Video: Scott Ritter's commentary on Iran

Our top US, EU, and Russian spies and the UN believe Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons. Russia said they will consider an attack on Iran an attack on Russia. I will not support a president who invades them. If we come to war with Iran over a suspicious incident I pledge to investigate it closely before passing judgment.

Our environment and foods are broadly contaminated by chemicals. Red #5, Red #40 and others contain petroleum. Eating healthy and organic foods and a clean environment are good for everyone. We can clean our food, air, water, and land.

Video: Introduction by William Bunker

I will vote to:

** Show Help We The People be responsible and informed enough to decide and rule
** Open hidden energy technologies
** Manufacture clean water powered vehicles
** Build local organic farms and microbe/lab farming

** Remove our illegal Federal Reserve and Federal income taxes
** Make our economy work for us all

** Introduce Montessori education and study/research school program
** Support healthier products and farms and a cleaner more natural environment
** Simplify law to focus on safety
** Remove the low income housing quota "40B"
**End wasteful $150,000 police details and replace them with a living wage and global unions
** End our drug war
** Examine and restore our Constitution
** End our Iraq war, Iran war, and the war on terror with information
** Run a tighter military for those who don't want war
** Protect us from illegal eavesdropping

** Reopen investigations into the Federal Government
** Throw a civic party in Westford, Chelmsford, and Littleton for a better and funner community! Yes. funner.

I love justice, honor, and liberty. We The People rule this state and nation. Liberty is our birthright.

Picture: Peace sign and helmet

April 29, 2008 I produced a list of 200 signatures for my nomination and will be in the primaries as a Republican on September 16, 2008. The general election is November 4, 2008.

I have spent the past 7 years studying politics, theology, law, the Constitution, sociology, atomics, mathematics, and sciences. I wrote to the Council on Foreign Relations about global energy policy, to the CIA about intelligence and eavesdropping, and I correspond with Westford and Massachusetts grassroots groups on social awareness.

I graduated from Nashua's Bishop Guertin High School and attended Umass Amherst in the TAP honors program. College did not satisfy my curiosity so I retired to private study and work. I was awarded a certificate of pharmacy technicianship from in 2005 and continue my studies in subatomic theory and electromagnetics.

Picture: Standing by my machine

Town of Littleton

In January of 2009 I will organize dual all day/night Town Raves at the Westford and Littleton Town Commons, the J.V. Fletcher and Ruben Hoar libraries, our police and fire stations, and the Westford and Littleton Sportsman's Clubs. We should use these buildings more often to do the things we love together as a community.

Visit my social page at to RSVP. Music and dancing will be enjoyed. There will be a market and swap meet at the Town Commons. Friends and neighbors will arrive to speak, read poetry, and play music. I will invite citizens to practice firing guns at the police stations' shooting ranges and town Sportsmans' Clubs under the supervision of town police officers. A memorial and moment of silence for those lost in Afghanistan and Iraq will be observed at midnight.

I will request that public consumption of alcohol be enjoyed at this party for anyone who wants to participate of a reasonable age. This is impeccably legitimate if sensible and public.

Together we can make our society wonderful and tomorrow better. I care for you and the world we both live in. A toast. To America. To Massachusetts. To love.

<>< William

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Green Energy

GM, the Pentagon, and other companies in the world's $5 trillion energy industry acquire and conceal technologies that allow us to drive cars and run factories and use farmland to provide for all of mankind.

In 1912 Nikola Tesla built a 10-pound machine that made an entire neighborhood experience an earthquake. As a glass can be shattered by an opera singer so can it ripple earth or a molecule, as Aquygen's water motor seen above likely does.

It can also be a weapon. The HAARP program is an earthquake making machine in Alaska. In 1978 US and USSR agreed not to attack another with earthquake or weather weapons. In 1997 the US admitted electromagnetic weapons can do this. In 2003 the Russian Duma discussed Alaska's HAARP installation as a potential earthquake machine.

Experts say we caused the May 12 earthquakes in China. 30 minutes before the earthquake, witnesses saw lights in the sky similar to aurora borealis above the epicenter. This is part of HAARP's function. This technology could feed and power our world instead of destroy it.

Video: HAARP

Regarding fuel supply and the economy, this algae biodiesel plant uses microorganisms to build fuel oils, a clean and efficient alternative to using food as oil. The next step we should attempt is using a plant like this to produce food molecules from algae. This plant producing fuel oils was allegedly purchased and dismantled by GE.

2000: Algae produce hydrogen
2006: Algae engineered to produce hydrogen by photosynthesis

Video: William Discusses Microorganisms' Role in Energy Production

Instead we buy oil and cars at the cost of hundreds of millions of impoverished and suppressed men and women around the world. This is an example of an illegal business trust. What do we gain from suppressing technologies?

I will work to spread awareness about and provide these technologies to the public. We must replace our competition with sensibility. I encourage voters to contact officials about this topic. A list of state officials and their contact information is at Pressure your Congress and candidates to examine corporate and state repression of technology.

Video: Pentagon History of Energy Machines

We force the fittest people to express themselves rather than give quarter to everyone. This is inhumane eugenics. The fittest people would express themselves regardless of desperation. We have the charity to provide for the portion of humanity that is suffering. Please give.

We are fighting like gladiators on GM's behalf for what money and food is provided by the choke hold of technology on this earth. I will do everything in my power and knowledge to prevent this mass human genocide. Read what economist Bogdan C. Enache has to say about governments starving the world's poor.

Jake Hoechst participated in the 'anything into oil' machine, which is found at Missouri's Butterball Turkey plant and turns 'anything', even hazardous waste, into petroleum in an 85% efficient process.

A Conversation With Honest Businessman Jake Hoechst: [abridged]

Hello Jake! I would love to correspond with you to establish services in our District. I will place a link to your company on my campaign page. I would love to have your feedback on my policies.

My one concern is that your procedure still pollutes through combustion, yet it is a solution to two big problems. You must know about the two Texas-sized seas of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean. I would be glad to hire you to clean and process this trash and make it part of your company's business.

I can see that technologies to build clean cheap energy and financial independence exist. Together we will enjoy and provide a sustainable world and love for honest small and growing companies with high technology like yours.

<>< William

Response from Jake Hoeschst [abridged]:
Friday, Feb. 29, 2008

Dear Mr.Bunker:

First of all let me clarify that I have no affiliation with Changing World Technologies, Inc, the patent holder of this development. I am an absolute believer in the ability of this invention to have an enormous impact on the United States economy and the economies of all countries. I have followed the energy field avidly since the first article on this subject came out in May, of 2003 in Discover Magazine and the follow up article in April of 2006.

If you wish to be informed on this subject matter I suggest you check out the following sites and read them all to build up your base of knowledge on the subject. The company's home page gives a good insight into their goals. See Archer Daniels Midland: A Study In Corporate Welfare. This 1995 article has detailed background of ADM's suberfuge into the present mess with ethanol.

Search for the following; Anything Into Oil, May 2003. All of this background should give give you a good overview of the process and its potential.

Also examine these links:
Discover Magazine, corporately owned and Discover Part 2.
Article on]

The U. S. is deeply committed to ethanol and I have written numerous letters to the President, Congress, the Energy Department, etc, and gotten zero responses. TCP is the solution to the oil problem, and all it needs is a tax credit for entrepreneurs to build TCP facilities, just as they have done for ethanol.

I hope the information I’ve provided is helpful, and I wish you good luck in your campaign.

J. W. Hoechst


I was at the supermarket the other day searching for peanut butter, and I found that one of the bottles I picked up had peanut oil on it, and now on my hand. I shrugged off the event, saying, "Well, it could power my car!" But then I thought again and said, "But I'd rather eat it..."
The UN has urged a biofuel investment halt.
Biofuels have raised food prices dangerously while food riots stir ~10 countries and famine 40 more. A person can be fed for 1 year from the amount of grain required to fill one tank of one SUV with ethanol. I will vote to ban ethanol sales from food sources in Massachusetts and for a moratorium on all nuclear fission and new coal burning power plants except the MIT research reactor and others of its kind.

Video: William Bunker promises a Nuclear Moratorium

At home in Massachusetts we will build microbe and water energy sources and organic farms. We will build electric and water car manufacturing facilities and power plants. The technology belt of Boston is a grand place to cradle these industries. I encourage these local achievements and will vote and educate to make them real.

My Vision of Freedom Technologies

Beware corporations like Archer-Daniels Midland and Changing World Technologies who conceal life saving patents. Beware a Federal Government that would do the same. We can replace our energy and industry platforms to fuel and power towns and cities inexpensively and donate heating oil to needy families. We will end our wars, ecological disasters, world starvation, and financial crisis. Vote for me and for the peace that is your natural right by birth in November.


Monday, December 29, 2008

The Electric and Water Car Manufacturing Plant

As can be seen in Green Energy the technology to build a clean fuelless or water fuel vehicle exists.

I will work with lawmakers and public investors to raise capital and build an electric and water powered car and generator manufacturing plant in the Merrimac Valley. GM's EV1 was popular in California in the mid-1990's and inspired the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?, proving a large and enthusiastic public market for electric and alternative vehicles. If we produce this technology we will have a suitable industrial base to work with in Massachusetts.

Video: William discusses Merrimac Valley Electric Vehicles

Massachusetts has the potential to become a new all-American Detroit of the electric or water car and solar cell. I will begin industrial initiatives and state consumption and installation of water fuel mass transportation and power plants. These companies and Massachusetts will compete out global coal, oil, and gas automotive interests. We could trade these goods to California, Arizona, Europe, and the world as we use them at home.

This is a link to the letter I sent to interested parties about starting an electric car company in the Merrimac Valley.

Video: Who killed the Electric Car?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I propose Massachusetts towns adopt Montessori schooling or 'In-House Homeschooling' alongside offerings of conventional classroom learning. Families will optionally enroll in a Montessori or open research school shift running at the same time as classroom schooling to give their children a more nurturing and accommodating learning environment.

Students will be encouraged to participate in Montessori study and MIT type open research alongside their coach teachers and parents in gymnasium and lab-group settings. Learning enhanced with MIT opencourseware and other advanced open research programs will truly turn on our high school students to learning and keep them occupied with good things and enjoyable participation. The benefits of these programs will be great. Before and after school programs and parental involvement can expand monumentally. Change in education can be good.

Studies have suggested that every student is a self taught learner from birth and institutional learning forces them to learn a different way than they would naturally. We can do more for our children by letting them use their own creative skills and have the childhood they desired first.

Video: Montessori Elementary Education in Action

Video: MIT's Opencourseware celebrates 1800th online course

Video: MIT's biology course playlist
MIT's first video, 36 minutes of introductory biology. Massachusetts schools and Montessori / research oriented students can benefit immensely from these videos and other free media, with teacher and parent coaches to support them.

The Westford School Board:

Diane Weir <>
Bill Olsen <>
Arthur Benoit <>
Margaret Murray <>
Betsy Andrews <>
Judith Culver <>
Mariclaire Oneal <>
John Moran <>

Thank you Bill, Arthur, Margaret, Betsy, Diane, Judy, Mariclaire, and John for helping Westford's public school program. I appreciate your dedication to education.


I oppose the MCAS. I believe accountability is critical. Imagine instead of one MCAS to pass high school, 8000 MCAS-style tests, one for each level of knowledge and topic. Students would select them like merit badges in Boy Scouts and begin moving towards their areas of expertise at their convenience. Combinations of these merit tests will build advanced and professional degrees after the high school diploma. Students could begin working on merit tests from as early as they wanted through doctoral programs.

Diane Weir wrote [abridged]:

Hello, Mr. Bunker.

You bring up many good points. I do agree that there are likely many students in Westford who could excel in a self-paced environment.
About the MCAS. As I mentioned before, state assessments ensure accountability. Too many children are simply passed on from one grade to the next without having learned basic arithmetic or how to read. I believe the assessment could be improved, but based on my experience as a public school teacher, the accountability system is needed.
Regarding the relation of creativity and basic skills, as a former music teacher I believe they go hand in hand. A jazz musician is only able to improvise after much practice of rudimentary scales. An author can only craft a novel after learning the mechanics of writing. In general, I believe the problem we have in public schools is not too much focus on basic skills, but too little.
I do like your system of choice. Some students will thrive in a Montessori setting. Others would not. Both should have a choice to learn in a system which suits them. Have you spoken to Bill Olsen? He is currently looking at ways to expand the school day.

Kind regards,

Thank you for your patience and spirit of giving, Diane. Students should want to learn. The world is bright and full of amazing and wonderful things. Why limit creativity and wonder? I support free form/Montessori education.

Group and individual activities at museums, engineering labs, businesses, and civic and technical studies with professionals and scholars can be better selected and planned through merit based achievements. I also support home schooling and invite home schoolers to use public research resources and take merit based tests. I would love to see home schooling extend to home college and degree programs through merit programs.

A two-shift school day with first and second programs from 8am-8pm may help urban environments such as Lowell, Lawrence, and Dorchester where kids face challenges that a safe and educational haven at school could address. A full day school shift will uplift our urban environments and give more opportunities for education, apprenticeships, and achievement.

Video: William proposes a Two-Shift School Day for Cities

Look at what these students did at a high school in Nova Scotia:

Youths at Central Kings Rural High School in Nova Scotia began a campaign for boys at school to wear pink in support of a boy who was bullied. These kids have a great idea and a good way for us to strengthen tolerance. School bullying and dispute is a pandemic social problem and follows many people into their adult lives. Nova Scotia now has an official Anti-Bullying Day recognized on the second Thursday of each school year. I will ask Massachusetts and the world to adopt this holiday and reduce competition in the classroom.

Students in any setting can benefit from open source education, online college classes and MIT's free opencourseware. Modern academic journals are published online and great resources for students at home and in school. Any serious academic study should be encouraged by teachers, parents, and counselors who will be the guides they were meant to be.

While our universities are tip top they do not offer the classes students need or the freedom to pursue opportunities they are curious about. Many are training for jobs that don't exist yet in classes that do. Children starting school in 2006 will be retiring in 2065. I would let students study as they feel guided to and award them degrees of assessment and other independent professional licenses as they earn them through merit tests. Examine the 2006 TED convention hosted by Sir Ken Robinson, who says school kills creativity. Let students enjoy and pursue their educations to gain skills for when they become adults.

Grassroots civic research groups are a strong source of education. I study and broadly cite intelligence and media gathered from internet journalists. Grassroots local media and entertainment should be a large part of public awareness and student education. We can develop stronger community bonds through these channels.

Try these great informational websites:

And these journalists:
Youtube: EnoDude
Youtube: Theduderinok
Youtube: RepresentativePress

Examine this video about civics by the late great Aaron Russo. Non-institutional educators such as Mr Russo are a valuable resource for students.

Video: Investigator and Teacher Aaron Russo [1943-2007]

Healthcare, Good Foods, A Clean Environment

** Public not-for-profit healthcare insurance
** Optional free healthcare for everyone by sliding scale payment plan
** Label clean foods through the MFDA
** Measure pollution and electrical fields' relationship with health
** Reduce environmental pollution to improve health
** Close nuclear plants and reduce coal power pollution
** Invest in and investigate clean Freedom Technologies
** Ban direct-to-consumer advertising in Massachusetts
** Reimport drugs from Canada
** Compare generic and 'brand name' drug differences
** Investigate companies that bribe doctors to overprescribe their medications
** Relegalize medical marijuana to replace some pharmaceuticals treatments
** Improve public hospitals to compete with for-profit medical centers
** Provide and research the preparation of HIV gene-blocking therapies
** Ask private hospitals to engage in sliding scale payment plans
** Ask doctors to volunteer some of their time at common-price public hospitals
** No mandatory universal healthcare or vaccinations, to honor the Constitution

A healthcare plan is a budget for hospitals or insurance companies and involves the EPA, the FDA, and DEA. Healthcare begins at the farm and ends in home after the hospital. A clean environment, clean food, and responsible drug research and hospital service combine to give us good health.

Organic foods are healthier for consumers. Eating them instead of processed foods will help protect your health. Many of our foods were sprayed with toxic chemicals before being sold to us. This affects the health of the living thing that we eat as well as our own health.

We can measure food health in its bioelectric field. I will ask for a nutritional and ecological life cycle requirements study on farm animals, determining what needs they have for peak health. If they have been treated within these requirements they would become the new 'USFDA GRADE A'. and reduce in rank all of the existing food categories by one letter. We will have our food properly labeled and it will affect the way farms and food producers treat plants and animals.

We should encourage local and urban farming and raising animals. I will ask the zoning board of Westford, Chelmsford, and Littleton to allow greater access to small farm animal ownership and protect farmers from anti-competitive practices by big corporate farms, genetically engineered foods, RFID chipping of animals, and other contemporary risks.

We can use new technology to measure biological health as electric fields, which gives us clues about the nutrition and wellness of our living food before we eat it. I will introduce legislation to have Massachusetts or the FDA change their food grading structure to place organic foods at the top, grade A, and move all other foods down one grade unless they can prove that they are as healthy as good organic foods. Other food maladies such as trans fats, hydrogenated oils, and petroleum-based colorings and artificial flavorings will be examined too.

Foods containing artificial food colorings made from petroleum should be banned. Petroleum is not a food. It is marketed with the knowledge that it is toxic to health. The risks of putting dinner plastics in the microwave, recommended by food packers and warned against by the Johns Hopkins Institute, are stark. Microwaves change chemical shapes of molecules. A study found that plants given microwaved water that was allowed to cool died while other plants given unmicrowaved water thrived. Billions of people eat foods microwaved in plastic every week. Please support consumer groups working to reduce our society's toxicity and consume healthier foods.

Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical found in plastics. The FDA has a conflict of interests with the American Plastics Council and as of the date of publication still allows BPA. We need to watch these and other chemicals and our foods and goods more closely.


Chemtrails are aerosolized particles dropped into the atmosphere from planes, which often leave a miles long cloud, some crossing the whole sky. These clouds are not water nor fuel. They contain particles and chemicals, hence the name "Chemtrails". 3-4 hours later the particles drift down to the land and can be felt sometimes as wafty wet droplets even on sunny days.

I experienced them on May 5, 2008 while cycling around Westford. You may have seen me that day handing out this web address and talking with people in Westford. Chemtrails were dropped around 3:00pm that day. About 7:30pm I felt several droplets on my face and shortly afterwards I had a runny nose and sniffles. I will take these polluters and privacy invaders to the EPA, Supreme Court, and The Hague. These are domestic crimes.

The British have admitted to testing biowarfare agents on their own people using Chemtrails.">Germany has admitted to using chemtrails in their military testing. Satellite weather pictures from the Gulf War show chemtrail cloud formations. This is vile and the result is ill health and the degradation of our DNA.

We have the technology to build and disperse nanoscale robotic machines through chemtrails to interact with cells and genes. They could be Hollywood's self-replicating Terminators but microscopic. Examine Morgellon's Disease, which could be the first known nanomachine-related human ailment. I do not want these chemicals dropped on my town.

Photo from

Track chemtrail activity in your area at

I will write legislation protecting Americans from government. This should be covered under the 4th amendment and international treaties.

Massachusetts and Californian Law

Making our Massachusetts and California's environmental law friends is a big step to a strong green alliance. Californian environmental laws and labs are some of the best in the country. Massachusetts and California can both benefit from combining our legal standing with auto companies. Electric and water cars built in Massachusetts will all automatically conform to Californian emissions standards. Cleaning our environment together will enhance our health and quality of life and reduce our healthcare risks.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a proven cancer fighting drug. Marijuana can replace many expensive drugs and their unpleasant side effects and reduce the cost of our healthcare systems.

'A Spanish medical team’s study released in Madrid in February 2000 has shown that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active chemical in marijuana, destroys tumors in lab rats. A study in Virginia in 1974 yielded similar results but was suppressed by the DEA. In 1983 the Reagan/Bush administration tried to persuade U.S. universities and researchers to destroy all cannabis research work done between 1966 and 1976, including compendiums in libraries.' California has performed successful studies with marijuana and write their laws accordingly. Numerous US states sponsor medical marijuana. Pharmaceutical companies compete with marijuana and want it to be illegal.

Healthcare Finance

Trillions are spent on healthcare. Some global financial houses and interests want healthcare for profit and market share before helping citizens. Banning direct-to-consumer advertising has saved Canada's smaller healthcare program $150 million. An American law banning that advertising would lift to our healthcare budget substantially. Pharmaceutical companies spend $2 on advertising for every $1 of research and they expect to make 10-12% profit on top of that. Only a doctor knows if these medications are best. Competitive 'for-profit' healthcare promotes expensive advertising and incentives for doctors to overprescribe. Bribes of up to $100 are recorded for doctors prescribing certain brand-name drugs in the Atlantic Monthly. This practice is medical fraud and doubtlessly has influenced doctors to prescribe unneeded medication altering health. I encourage lawsuits against these advertisers and question doctors involved in this practice. This is what malpractice lawsuits were made for.

Merck's drug Prozac was found to be no more effective than placebo and causes health risks found and suppressed by Merck in the late 1980's. This is a critical conflict of interest that has been said to 'call into question legitimacy of research that's been done by drug companies'. I invite Massachusetts prosecutors to investigate these companies on behalf of our citizens and those medicated and the families of those lost who took those medications.

Our government gives pharmacos unequal deals that ban reimportation of drugs from Canada where they are sold for as little as half what we pay for them in America. Market economics can be adjusted to make our healthcare cheaper. Consumers are being fooled and harmed to make money for corporations. A well educated populace and legislature supporting an open and truly free market can give us better lives.

The gene that blocks HIV was recently discovered. Similar genes and agents that prevent or reduce cancer risk have been found. I would ask Massachusetts and every state to someday sponsor a Red Cross and international community monitored program to provide gene-therapy to voluntarily introduce this immunity to the public, without mercury preservatives or foreign and undesired agents. The same can be said of bacteria that causes cavities. Research must be done to determine the impact of these resources on ecology and human health.

The cost of our healthcare is increased by 10-12% just by being a profit-bearing enterprise. Providing a non-profit state-organized healthcare program will reduce our healthcare costs by this margin.

FRee Healthcare

Everyone needs free healthcare. The costs of healthcare are too great and going without leads to expensive emergency room visits and deeply reduced quality of life. We pay for Iraq's entire healthcare program out of American pockets. Surely we in America and the world can help one another care for health.

Federally mandated healthcare is against our Constitution. No one should be forced to sign up to a healthcare program or receive care they do not choose to. Protecting people from invasive medical screening is important. The government has admitted in court that their inoculations have caused autism. Straightening these legal and financial practices is a goal of my candidacy.


And for the world:

Dean Kamen's Water Distiller

This device by New Hampshire's Dean Kamen will filter anything into pure water without filters or replacement material, forever. Massachusetts technical firms could begin producing this to provide humanitarian aid to families all over the world right now.

Steven Colbert: "So what do you want to do with these?"
Dean Kamen: 'Wipe out 50% of human disease.'

I will help you, Dean.

Environmental Toxicity

Environmental and product toxicity is a pressing issue. We use toxic petroleum on our foods and food colorings and expose toxic foods to our livestock before we eat them. We put aluminum in many of our food products. The nerve cells of alzheimers patients routinely contain up to 4x the average amount of aluminum in the populace. Examine this list of products that have added aluminum. We routinely ingest plastics and chemicals which are unnatural and unsafe.

Video: William Discusses Environmental Toxicity

There are two Texas-sized [~1000 miles wide] piles of toxic plastic trash floating in the Pacific ocean. Mankind will clean these with floating machines to turn junk into oil and a floating forest alongside it.

"Dr Richard Thompson of the University of Plymouth has investigated how plastic degrades in oceans and how tiny marine organisms, such as barnacles and sand-hoppers respond.

He told the BBC: "We know that plastics in the marine environment will accumulate and concentrate toxic chemicals from the surrounding seawater and you can get concentrations several thousand times greater than in the surrounding water on the surface of the plastic."

Certain plastics cause obesity, early puberty, breast cancers, and neurological and behavioral effects in fetuses, infants, and children.
Despite their market share, these plastics will be BANNED for causing disease.

I will ask Massachusetts to advise citizens on the dangers of microwaving or inhaling plastic products or fumes, despite their prevalence in society. Inorganic foods, preservatives, trans-fats, and other additives will be examined and discouraged. I have the guts to stand up to anyone who would market bad food. We will reduce the level of toxicity in our cities and our lives.

Clean Environments

Cleaner cities will grow stronger. Green urban environmental planning, rooftop gardens, and new energy sources will all reduce pollution in our cities. In Toronto, one skyscraper’s rooftop farms can feed 30,000. I will promote organic rooftop farms in every city in Massachusetts. They will purify our towns and turn us into New England’s breadbasket and every city into a productive agricultural center. We can have clean unsprayed organic local foods in 4 seasons. I encourage citizens to be active in small local farming and to buy local food. Visit and be a local hero!

You might want to become a 'shareholder' with the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. For a share, fresh food from local farms is delivered to a drop site or from the farm in Dracut each week. This is a superior plan to food from distant mega farms arriving at a supermarket. Choose the local plan! Let's work to start farms in Westford, Chelmsford, Littleton, and other nearby towns.

Marriage, Referendums, and the Constitution

I was delighted to be contacted with questionnaires by the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action and the Massachusetts Family Institute. They asked me about marriage law, cloning, human embryo destruction, and other pertinent health and social topics.

I spoke recently to someone who remembers being in his mother's womb at about 5 months of gestation. He told me about social experiences he had at the time silently with his mother and a conversation that his mother and father had while he was unborn. Hello!

I believe that if the electromagnetic field of a baby is unique in origin from the mother's, the baby is a new life. I would ask scientists to perform special tests using special electronic detection equipment to learn more about the biological electric fields of unborn babies and infants. I will vote to ban the destruction of human embryos and for a moratorium on cloning until we know everything about genetics and living health.

The letter I sent to Coalition For Marriage:

"My name is William Bunker and I am running for Massachusetts House of Representatives in Middlesex County's 2nd District, covering Westford, Littleton, and part of Chelmsford.

I am so glad I got your questionnaire. It gave me the opportunity to express my views about respecting human life and reproductive relationships and now I have the opportunity to meet you!

I believe that human life begins when the embryo's electromagnetic field is distinct from the parent organisms. This is arguably the moment the DNA combines into new DNA. I also believe that reproductive couples and couples who celebrate the reproductive or heterosexual lifestyle have a special relationship with society that other sexual groupings do not. I believe the duties of the state are not to enforce social control, and I will rely on and encourage society and citizen groups and scientists such as yourself to show this and help regulate society. I will vote on legislation that I believe is just and right under Constitutional and legal boundaries. This is the authority of the state, which I cannot ethically stretch.

I would love to schedule a time to meet with you. I have already completed and faxed back the questionnaires. I look forward to your call or email.

<>< William"

As their representative and yours I support Massachusetts citizens voting to change their Constitution to anything they fully understand in light of natural law and support and vote on by the sufficient margin. You cannot stop them! To defy the voters this right is undemocratic and against government. The Constitution is a document founded in our names and the names of our forefathers. Our right to change our laws and live our lives in the way we see most fit is permanent. No government has the right to prevent its citizens from forming coalitions and voting in referendums to change the law. The law was made for man, not man for the law. So to the state.

I will open lawsuits in the Massachusetts State Supreme Court pursuant to force the 2000 economic tax measure as voted by the people and to allow voters as they chose to have a referendum on the State Constitution about marriage, although I believe in freedom. Pursuit of happiness and right to privacy guarantees the right to select volutary adult sexual partners. The state cannot be used to outlaw same-sex marriages or homosexuality. Society must review itself. Forcing government to do this is one step away from eugenics programs and a police state. The reason this is such an issue is not because homosexuals make the choices they do. It is because some states have become entangled in recognizing their unions.

I would introduce legislation to disentangle Massachusetts from same-sex marriages. The state of Massachusetts should not honor same-sex marriages, but I believe it is not the state's place to regulate society in this way by honoring or not honoring marriage. Recognizing marriage is the place of society and the place of God. I am glad groups like the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action have gathered. These groups help form our society and strengthen our communities. Tax codes and habitation laws should not be used to define marriage.

Marriage has much to do with fertility. A homosexual couple is not a fertile pair. There is a special place reserved in society for pairs of humans who intend and love to make more humans. Homosexuals are not often among these. This is why homosexual marriage is not a marriage, and why a man and woman who have children have a special bond with one another and society.

Abortion and Right to Life

I spoke to someone recently who remembers being in his mother's womb as a baby who must have been about 5 months of gestation. He told me about social experiences he had at the time silently with his mother, and a conversation that his mother and father had while he was unborn.

I believe that if the electromagnetic field of a baby is unique in origin from the mother's, the baby is a new life. I would ask scientists to perform special tests using special electronic detection equipment to learn more about the biological electric fields of unborn babies and infants.

Because of this scientific fact we can identify the birth control pill as the abortion pill, as it does not prevent the sex cells from joining, and causes mini abortions with frequency during sexual activity. I will ask scientists to testify before Congress on these topics and change the law to show that the 'contraceptive' pill does not prevent cell fusion, but causes minute abortions. I will ask scientists to work on fusion-control measures that allow the enjoyment of sex without necessary reproduction. Mankind is responsible enough for this and the way we currently operate is with millions or billions of literal human deaths a year.

Look sex right in the eye.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Restoration of The State and Federal Judicial System

Citizens should be more active in lawmaking through petition in the courts. Because our people are so frequently misrepresented or overlooked and our Justice Branch has a Constitutional duty to fulfill and accountability to our citizens, citizens' groups should be able to petition to overturn legislation in court with the help and decisions of State and Federal judges.

Our authority has been stolen by a system that actively strides against our majority decisions. According to Noam Chomsky substantial elements of American policy are against the public opinion of national consensus and cultivated against the will of the people. Nn 2000 Massachusetts voted for 5% state tax levels in a referendum but the legislature overruled this decision illegally. We need to remove our support from deviated portions of this state and have our will represented. The same of our Federal representation. I will introduce legislation and demand action stimulating this effect. I ask that citizens bring legal cases to change the law and that judicial decisions reflect the interpretation and enforcement of our law system as the balance of power indicated originally.

Simplified Law Focusing on Safety

The origin of the state's authority is the consent of the governed. Our natural rights give us authority to write law for others only that reflects safety and progression of society. Extraneous law is an invasion of our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Many of our Congressmen do not even read the laws before they vote on them. Joseph Lieberman tried to sneak a declaration of war on Iran into a bill recently, which is nothing but cowardice and shame. We need to simplify our law, and read and enforce the law we do have.

Video: William Discusses Simplified Law

Massachusetts highways are cluttered. I will work to clarify traffic law to reflect safety, not formality, and reduce traffic fines and parking tickets. I will help change state speed limits to the safest level reasonable on the roadway and not a number. Dutch studies have found this method improves traffic flow and intersection function and it can reduce the number of accidents. You will not wait at a red light in a field to honor the state or avoid a penalty on my watch.

Safe driving laws can be equally enforced without restrictive licenses. If a driver is operating a vehicle unsafely they should be reported or video taped and photographed by officers and charged with such or with reckless driving in court. Traffic and parking tickets are a $10-billion a year industry, which motivates municipalities to issue these tickets. This does not represent upholding the law or safety.

Visit and the USF to see more about traffic law. You can support my campaign even if you don't vote in Massachusetts by discussing these principles with your friends and with strangers. This is how our civil society and social lives prosper.

Video: Parkour. Your choices are your own. That is liberty.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ending Our Drug War

Video: William Works to Restore Drug Rights

This man is the victim of a no-knock warrant who was shot 5 times. I oppose no-knock warrants for drugs. I would end the war on drugs and the kind of black market prohibition produces. They are not important enough to risk that kind of behavior.

According to the Constitution we have drug rights. The war on drugs frequently violates the right to privacy and the right to freedom of speech and religion. Congressional arguments for regulation of interstate economic activity and traffic is abusively stretched through Federal drug crimes for possession of drugs in a single state.

We need a culture educated about drugs by responsible personal choice in a drug-environment. We cannot rely on drug abuse resistance based on drug enforcement. We will take drugs on headfirst to eliminate the stigma and shame of drug addiction and separate it from responsible drug recreation. Who here has had a drink this week? A smoke today? In December 2007 a CIA rendition plane crashed in Mexico while carrying 3.4 tons of cocaine. Recently, Robert Bonner, former head of the CIA, admitted the CIA imported cocaine to help pay for its programs. I will not vote to enforce drug laws as they stand on the books.

See my page on the CIA here.

In December 2007 a CIA rendition plane crashed in Mexico while carrying 3.4 tons of cocaine. Recently, Robert Bonner, former head of the CIA, admitted the CIA imported cocaine to help pay for its programs. Should we raid the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and arrest those responsible for flying these planes and organizing these missions? The CIA makes an estimated $10-100 billion annually on drug trafficking around the world, which is a substantial motivation for continuing the war on drugs. On the other side of the cottage our corporations sell enforcement and surveillance equipment to our police departments and DEA and produce Federal taxpayer funds of about $40 billion every year to fight this war. We should end this practice. I will vote to stop it.

A question asked to the UN Drugs Chief:
"Can you explain why Holland has lower marijuana use despite access being unrestricted?" UN Drugs Chief: "No. I refuse to answer that."

Video: speakers for ending drug prohibition

A police officer from Cook County, Illinois, says his home state has built a new prison every year housing drug criminals to the point that they cannot pay for schools, drug treatment, job programs, or healthcare, but they can pay to lock more people up. Michigan pays $2 billion annually for their prisons, and 1/5 of their employees work in corrections.

Our prison system is historically out of control. We are imprisoning 1% of our population, more than any other nation. We build prisons, for a long time the fastest growing industry in America, and staff them from private companies also with taxpayer funded security forces. Prisoners sometimes are contracted to work for corporations, providing an unbalanced incentive.

"There is no a prison on this planet that drugs have not been found in." says Rusty White, speaker for LEAP, who worked in the Department of Corrections starting in 1973. "We've got 40 foot walls, gun towers, every modern technology available to the world. Snitches. No rights, you can strip anybody naked, you can totally tear their house apart, and yet we can't keep it out of a totally controlled environment."

Visit the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition site LEAP.CC and learn why. Jerry Cameron is a law enforcement veteran who has spoken before international audiences, Congress, Parliament, and been published in The Police Chief and magazine about our failed war on drugs. He was a policeman for 17 years and faculty at the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida. He will be speaking on the wisdom of ending prohibition on April 5, 2008 at Appalachian State University.

Clarence Aaron was served 3 consecutive life sentences for arranging a crack cocaine deal in 1993. The website linked advocates that his sentence be commuted. This is absurd and a case where the law has superseded love and right progression of society. As a Representative, I would vote to reserve prison and police attention for violent drug offenders and legalize the possession of small quantities of any drug with the recommendation of medical treatment, and legalize drugs considered relatively harmless.

Research published in the British medical journal The Lancet show that alcohol and tobacco are worse than marijuana and ecstacy.

I will introduce legislation to allow our farmers to grow harmless wild hemp in Western Massachusetts. The DEA has law banning growing hemp in America. I will ask them to change their law and work with grassroots campaigns and start petitions to change the Federal laws against hemp and against drugs. This matter is under states' rights so I will challenge Federal jurisdiction here in Massachusetts and in California, Vermont, Maine, or elsewhere.

Legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts will reduce our enforcement costs by $138 million as shown by billboards on Route 495 around Boston. We will unclutter our court systems and reduce our prison population, leaving room in Walpole and our police stations to respond to violent crime. Ending prohibition will de-fund gang activity. Education programs in our schools and the second school shift will work together with drug legalization to reduce gang violence and provide youths with activity focusing on community and learning.

We experience more than 35,000 gun murders every year in America due partially to competition for the black market from this drug war. We arrest 1.5 million people every year on drug related offenses.

Ending the war on drugs will reduce gang related violence, which is a strong social attractor for youths. Young people seeking to earn respect and money in busy densely populated urban centers sometimes turn to selling and using drugs with friends. The illegal war on drugs gives these youths a market to deal in and an economy to stand in. Since there is so much competition in these areas for that illegal money there is violence. This replaces a portion of youth culture in some urban zones like Lowell, Dorchester, Roxbury, Boston.

Adding my second school shift to the day will give these youths something to do during that other half of the day at school, if they choose. Parents will be welcome at the school in the morning and evening and school activities will continue all day for motivated students.

This article by Jason Morgan at describes how drug legalization will reduce the black market and aid turbulent or downtrodden places like Lowell, Lawrence, and Dorchester.

Infamously, murderers or rapists who request to remain in prison have been released, only to commit terrible crimes again. I will write legislation to grant these prisoner incarceration requests unless recommended unanimously by the prison authorities that they be released. This should not happen.

Ending the drug war is the beginning of massive positive change in our government and police forces.

This man is the victim of a no-knock warrant who was shot 5 times. I oppose no-knock warrants for drugs. I would end the war on drugs and the kind of black market prohibition produces. They are not important enough to risk that kind of behavior.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Defending The Costitution

Video: John F Kennedy's Warning on Secret Societies

We have no place for secrecy from our own people. I will introduce legislation removing all programs of secrecy from every branch of the state and begin a total divulgence of American politics and policy.

In honor of the first amendment I will aid citizen news networks researching and spreading information about our nation and globe. I will begin an engaging science and medicine forum for all interested citizens to redress their greivances, learn and organize through. I will encourage study of biological electrical fields in humans and especially newborns. As soon as that field is unique from the mother's it is a new life. I will encourage studies on power lines, electric fields, cell phones and towers, and their effect on human health with Massachusetts research firms. I will ask companies to examine these studies before their budgets. I will hold frequent public disclosures with grassroots and corporate news media, companies, and civic groups. Pharmaceutical and insurance companies do not come first. Telecomm companies do not come first. The CIA does not come first. Our rights and our knowledge comes first.

The Constitution is the document we swear to uphold and defend against all enemies and which describes our liberties and natural rights as living human beings. It is senior to our Presidency and our Congress, to companies and to the ways of the world. I will uphold it as such.

An unConstituional measure may not be forced upon citizens in order to judge whether or not they are fit to fly, and citizens' right to privacy will be upheld. I oppose Real ID.

Real ID is unConstitutional. I will ask Massachusetts to join Montana and Maine, Minnesota, and the list of other states rejecting the invasive and anti-4th amendment Real ID act. New Hampshire has also rejected Real ID.

The Constitution will be honored in Massachusetts.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
-2nd Amendment

I will protect the 2nd amendment by voting away gun control and the Brady Bill. I live in a house with guns. I have always been comfortable with my parents and friends operating guns.

I have read studies on gun control, and some of the most striking are not the instances where criminals had guns that they shouldn't have, it is where everyone had a gun, and a grocery store or other robbery or failure was prevented by a well armed local. A town in Georgia has a local law telling everyone to own a gun, and they have been basically crime free for years.

I believe local citizenry can do more to control crime without lifting a finger, just by being armed, or potentially armed. I also believe that a sagging economy and disillusioning education system, the illegal drug war which funds the CIA's black operations, and other unsavory factors contribute substantially to gun crime. We can do more to end violence by educating, ending the drug war, and enhancing our local non-corporate economies than we could ever do by banning or controlling guns.

I would not take your guns away unless you're in prison. We can't maintain that and it will hurt local citizens more. Should we keep guns from the hands of criminals? We can do well to keep them peaceful by giving them counseling and job training, no black markets to illegally compete in, and by keeping guns in the hands of those they would oppress. Doesn't that sound reasonable? We can do more to prevent the violence they could cause by offering ourselves sound early childhood education and living in a less socially and financially competitive society.

Part of the Town Civic Celebration I plan to throw if I am elected to the House of Representatives would involve opening the shooting range in the police station in Westford, Massachusetts to the public for several hours under police supervision to anyone who wants to try firing a gun, for free, registration, license, or no, with advice and help from on duty police officers. There is no safer way or opportunity to learn about your Second Amendment rights.

I will help Boston police respect civil rights. I will not extradite individuals to the Federal government for torture or execution if caught in Massachusetts. I will not cooperate with government initiatives that compromise the 4th amendment.

16th Amendment and Federal Income Tax

"The Congress shall have power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises... but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States... Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers... No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken."
-the 16th Amendment

This means Congress has the power to tax but no taxes universal taxes and none that do not serve everyone in proportion. For example, corporate welfare. This fixes our normal welfare to the place of charities, which I would ask to work with the state to ensure basic support. Since the 1770's bankers and industrialists have gained large control over our government and changed these laws to suit and favor them. I will change them back. I will encourage all Massachusetts workers to stop paying unConstitutional income tax to the Federal government. I do not pay Federal income taxes and recommend that you declare no taxable income unless you have special income or hire employees.

Video: Tom Cryer on Income Taxes

Video: Marcella Brooks describes her testimony about Federal Law
Video: No Law for Income Tax

Shreveport attorney Tom Cryer won a unanimous NOT GUILTY verdict in Federal district court defeating the IRS's claim that Tom willfully failed to file Federal income tax returns. Examine Tom Cryer's See more videos here.

Employers will not be required to withhold taxes from employees in Massachusetts. Tom Cryer would not allow his future employers to withhold tax from his paycheck illegally, and I will not either. I will vote to make all paycheck withholdings voluntary.

43% of our Federal income taxes go to funding our wars. Just 3% goes to education. We borrow a large amount of money to make up the difference, especially to finance our war expenditures.

Pie Chart of Federal Spending FY2009

The UnConstitutional Federal Reserve

I will ask that the Federal Reserve be abolished on Constitutional grounds. The power of the purse belongs to Congress and not to this private company. Congress cannot adequately represent the will of the people if they give it away to the private bank "Federal Reserve". Aaron Russo was a great researcher who studied our government institutions closely. View Aaron Russo's documentary on the illegal Federal Reserve.

The power of finance was given to Congress by our Constitution. The Federal Reserve was unConstitutionally appointed by Woodrow Wilson during a Christmas break session on December 23, 1913 when no one in Congress could vote against it. I will petition our courts from Massachusetts to declare the Federal Reserve unConstitutional and ask our Judicial Branch to strike it down.

The Federal Reserve was motivated in the 1890s and 1910s by bankers close to the government enriched by the Robber Barons like JP Morgan and John Rockefeller, owner of the same Standard Oil that tried to overthrow American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and install a fascist movement in America in 1933. They have yet to face punitive measures. We watch them.

"Jesus Christ entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the benches of those selling doves. "It is written," he said to them, "My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers."

-Matthew 21:12-13

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I will ask that 50 State Banks accountable to voters be built to compete with the Federal Reserve, and for the Federal Reserve to be restored to US Congress and US Congress to the people. These banks should back state finances and develop economic policy for their state. They will help hold each state's economic power apart from Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce and make economic decisions. 50 such states could be a strong economic counter to a rampaging Federal Reserve and Central Bank structure, and a powerful tool to help local economies.

I favor a free market. A worker in a corporation producing goods for a market is arguably a free market. Laissez-faire economics do not actually produce a free market. We avoid economic centrism at the capitol, but we find it in Detroit, New York City, and anywhere a massive corporation with a budget the size of a country builds their headquarters. They eventually produce monopolies unless consumers and workers are given the reigns of industry and governments representing them use anti-trust laws.

Big companies can gather and wield great power. As much as they are boons to nations in exports, they are threats. Governments cannot rely on them as pillars of their nation and it is recognized that they pursue money and profit before serving their workers or their home nation. They have withheld technologies and seduced our world capitols.

Video: Has Capitalism Failed? 1/2

Video: Has Capitalism Failed? 2/2

The videos below show inventions among the freedom technologies. They produce buoyant wealth and ability that eliminates the need for heavy and market-leveraging infrastructure and anti-competitive practice. They are under suppression by the American government, other governments, and major companies such as the $4-5 trillion annual energy industry. We need to acquire these energy structures and build new ones that will be so easy to use they cannot be hidden.

Video: The Water Car

Video: Stanley Meyer's Dune Buggy

Video: John Kanzius Machine Burns Salt Water

Video: 3D Printer

Voluntary cooperative behavior is a fulfillment of the needs of more than one person with only one set of materials. If we all were infinitely rich [and enlightened] social interaction would be casual only, and never by employment or compromise. Until that condition returns we are asked to make a choice that most closely represents what we want from among the things we have. We can never force someone else to make a decision, or that is a distressed social market and is not what we want. This lets us rely on liberty and not on the wealth of others. From this perspective we can choose the things we need and want and sustain ourselves with and give the remainder to charities or friends.

It may be possible to cultivate microorganism strains engineered to synthesize nanoscale products. Bacteria have been induced to make spider silk, and others have been engineered to make fuel oils. Buying a sample in the mail and cultivating a home-farm might be a new industry path.

Downloading designs. Printing foods. Cottage industries. This will be the world of our future.

The scientific age ends when corporations suppress technology that threatens their fortunes.

"The Cement Boots of Capitalism" is an economic term for corporate infrastructure and interest that has become so vast that owners must continue investing in it and the same products or they will collapse from the costs of change. Large populations should be able to update global infrastructure quickly enough to replace that shortage when science reaches a certain rapidly sloping curve, but command must be broken into thousands of points that obey the principles of the science, rather than the control of money. This is when we move from the age of industry and money and into the age of enlightenment.

Examine this article on corporate personhood by Janet Ashford.

Video: Specialists Discuss Pentagon Energy Machine Suppression

Stanley Meyer said he was offered $1 billion by Arab sources for his technology. His invention was disproven in court in 1996, but the military had interviewed him and approved of it for use in tanks. In 2007, John Kanzius performed a similar feat.

In 2008 I traveled to the University of Ottawa to meet Canadian Thane Heins. I spoke with him on the phone and discussed his invention, which kids have been replicating using permanent magnets and electric toothbrushes, breaking known laws of physics. MIT is unable to explain his machine.

We still burn oil and are chained to the low-technology infrastructure system, just like the industrialists and bankers are becoming slaves to their factories and competition. Though they are rich enough to afford anything and among the highest quality of living, many of us are not. Money has taken the place of a biological ecosystem. We use money to trade token points for resources and to select abilities that were once chosen purely by natural selection and biological competition.

I reject this goal. I believe that this money and industry are so important to many businessmen and governments that they would be willing to imprison and kill many of their own innocent and patriotic citizens and foreign citizens in false flag terror attacks, and lie to go to war illegally in Iraq and Iran as planned to maintain the freeze and continue living on oil and intentionally reduce America's economy to fit into the infrastructure.

Former British intelligence officer John Coleman has written a book describing a conspiracy of the world's elite against mankind. He writes about the "Council of 300", a club of billionaire elites. Businessmen's and millionaire's clubs are powerful unchecked branches of government with their capitol and presidents in the Federal Reserve and NYSE that override the will of the people with the dominance of their riches and influence.

We must solve the problems of the Business Model, or we will face them again. The best way for us to advance past these corporate and government conspirators is education and grassroots action. Please invest in my electric and water car company. Please vote for me in November.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charitable Military and Intelligence Agencies

*** Let it be known that on May 2, 2008 CIA agent Roland Carnaby was killed in Houston while chasing Israeli agents smuggling a suitcase nuclear bomb into America. ***


"0924 HRS 2 MAY 2008 - The CIA cover story apparently begins: ABC News is reporting (with video of the scene) that Roland Carnaby was, in fact, chased and shot dead by Houston Police. They confirm he presented credentials identifying him as being with the CIA. They report in the written story accompanying the video that Carnaby was shot while handcuffed and laying face down on the ground. Once again, CIA is disavowing the guy despite photographic proof that he was, in fact, inside the CIA HQ in Langley, VA."

As you can see from this tragedy wrapped in a tragedy-waiting-to-happen, a good intelligence program is critical to the proper defense by a military of a nation. The best military in the world can be hijacked by an AIDS virus of a domestic terrorist presidency or another real risk and send them across the globe as mercenaries and leave us holding the bag for some force's dirty intentions. I will work to open our intelligence community to greater public disclosure and scrutiny. I will call for and begin a global investigation into Israel's war crimes and their global intentions and influence in starting America's war with their enemies. Israel has done this kind of provocation before during the Lavon Affair of 1954, and all 3 major candidates have aides who have said it is the president's job to do what the Israeli people decide.

In 1997 the United States confirmed the use of "electromagnetic weapons" to stimulate volcanos and earthquakes and control the weather. We are not using our military effectively. Our deployments are differently aimed than the general public thinks.

Dwight D Eisenhower warned us in his exit speech in 1961 about the Military Industrial Complex. He said corporate industries with controlling financial stakes in warfare will negatively influence our country's peace and foreign policy.

It seems that our militaries operate relative to the Business model, and especially in recent years the energy market, hence the international focus on Iraq and Iran. I believe this energy market will totally collapse in the coming years and be replaced by our advents of science that prove these energy methods obsolete. The technology will not be concealable. In the meantime we have certain realities to face.

Our militaries are working to pursue the goals described by the business model, with the fronting of the President and some members of Congress, and not to defend us from what is real. We have the best fighters in the world. Our CIA and intelligence and special forces are protecting us at home, in reality. And we have another force attacking Iraq in a primarily unrelated and unecessary mission to fulfill these business goals, taking money from the US taxpayer, paying mercenaries and our companies with unConstitutional US taxpayer and other borrowed money, stealing from the Iraqis and keeping them impoverished and their economy small, and getting Iraqi oil to fuel the economic supply, all to extend the life of the infrastructure. Right now, militarily, we're defending Iraq from Iraq. That is an artificial separation. We need to either break Iraq into their tribal groups, which is possible, or allow them to reunite into Iraq.

Our domestic enemies are unchecked because of their own stranglehold on power and secret intelligence and government-media control. Investigation of our CIA forces and solving 9/11 here at home can do much to heal Iraq. We are primary players in their undecided ongoing civil war and our CIA may be engaging in public relations manipulation, as they have paid numerous editors of Iraqi newspapers. We may be fomenting fighters to continue battling us and one another through our intelligence networks. Iraq has been broken into the image of our corrupt state and corporations. It is in the corporations' interest that the Iraq war continue. No amount of military power will overcome that if they want the war to continue and keep holding seats in the Pentagon, Congress, and the White House.

The Iraq War is Satan's opposite of the creation of man by God. Many dying to not equal one being made. Knowing this helps stop that arrangement. We have worked closely with Israel in our military aggression and intelligence arrangements. We attacked Iraq and are threatening Iran not because they threaten us, but because they threaten Israel. Whether they really do or not is left to be seen.

It feels shameful to me for my nation to be defending Israel because of how grossly corrupt they have become, alongside the corporate infrastructure difficulty. Our nation has been tricked into attacking their enemies by our own Pentagon and White House and CIA. What could be more disgusting and disreputable, except allowing them to be crushed by attackers?

And so we were tricked by ourselves into attacking them, and capitulating to oil giants in Saudi Arabia because we ourselves profited from Texan and Pennsylvanian oil and our big General Motors and Detroit oil burning factories. Now they have been taken away from us by forces inside ourselves expressed externally.

We must denounce those wrongful seats, and our CIA, and expose this business model, if we are to free the Iraqis and ourselves from the exhausting and destructive Iraq war.

What should we be doing with our military instead of fighting the CIA in Iraq and Afghanistan?

It is ludicrous spending hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars and send our soldiers and mercenaries to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan when we could be using a tiny fraction of those resources securing our nation and communities and investigating foreign and domestic threats and criminal gang activities with police and response teams.

A military of 100,000 or a million men are not for invading a nest of pirates or sovereign nation unless that nation is busy attacking you. Any true nation has good and evil civilian, economic, and political forces inside, and an elevated country such as America can use their international intelligence and position to address threats responsibly. Toppling nations is irresponsible. If we are *really* going after Al Qaeda, which senior ex-CIA members have said is a CIA liasion and creation, we can do it with brigades of 1,000 and alongside the cooperation of local governments. Those leigimtate governments seek to fight crime too.

Our military should be at home maintaining vigilance and watch. They are the force behind our intelligence community, which is like our national radar. If something is wrong with our radar we are flying blind. As important as a strong and well equipped military is, a just and well regulated and motivated intelligence community is the leadership serving between our military and we the people.

At this height America could be a beacon to serve the people peacefully or a giant robot to hijack and use to conquer the financial world. We are experiencing the latter, in the name of oil and power and manufacturing companies and banks and the government of Israel. The Anything into Oil Machine, developed at the Butterball Turkey plant in Missouri as described below, which is not currently being licensed, could easily replace any oil need we have but would put tycoons out of business and help free us from their control.

Read this letter I sent to the members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

And examine this video called "War made Easy" about the media and government's role in explaining and starting wars since WW2.

A friend once asked me about my healthcare plans for veterans. I referred them to my healthcare program. I came across this article and it made me think of that topic.

Our military is not a place where our freedoms and rights are sacrificed. I would introduce legislation to restructure our Massachusetts military forces. A soldier will not be barred from voicing dissent against the state or against their seniors in command. Interchange of information is critical to any fighting team and to any group. If our military is to compete with mercenary militaries such as Blackwater there must be freedom. Freedom in our military will help us improve the quality of our ranks and fight crime in our ranks kept silent by rank.

Financial institutions and others around the world benefit from conflict. I will seek to expose these interests and have them reviewed by public disclosure.
Ancient proverb
"You can never step into the same river twice."

"No two people can look at the same river."
William Bunker