Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Green Energy

GM, the Pentagon, and other companies in the world's $5 trillion energy industry acquire and conceal technologies that allow us to drive cars and run factories and use farmland to provide for all of mankind.

In 1912 Nikola Tesla built a 10-pound machine that made an entire neighborhood experience an earthquake. As a glass can be shattered by an opera singer so can it ripple earth or a molecule, as Aquygen's water motor seen above likely does.

It can also be a weapon. The HAARP program is an earthquake making machine in Alaska. In 1978 US and USSR agreed not to attack another with earthquake or weather weapons. In 1997 the US admitted electromagnetic weapons can do this. In 2003 the Russian Duma discussed Alaska's HAARP installation as a potential earthquake machine.

Experts say we caused the May 12 earthquakes in China. 30 minutes before the earthquake, witnesses saw lights in the sky similar to aurora borealis above the epicenter. This is part of HAARP's function. This technology could feed and power our world instead of destroy it.

Video: HAARP

Regarding fuel supply and the economy, this algae biodiesel plant uses microorganisms to build fuel oils, a clean and efficient alternative to using food as oil. The next step we should attempt is using a plant like this to produce food molecules from algae. This plant producing fuel oils was allegedly purchased and dismantled by GE.

2000: Algae produce hydrogen
2006: Algae engineered to produce hydrogen by photosynthesis

Video: William Discusses Microorganisms' Role in Energy Production

Instead we buy oil and cars at the cost of hundreds of millions of impoverished and suppressed men and women around the world. This is an example of an illegal business trust. What do we gain from suppressing technologies?

I will work to spread awareness about and provide these technologies to the public. We must replace our competition with sensibility. I encourage voters to contact officials about this topic. A list of state officials and their contact information is at Congress.org. Pressure your Congress and candidates to examine corporate and state repression of technology.

Video: Pentagon History of Energy Machines

We force the fittest people to express themselves rather than give quarter to everyone. This is inhumane eugenics. The fittest people would express themselves regardless of desperation. We have the charity to provide for the portion of humanity that is suffering. Please give.

We are fighting like gladiators on GM's behalf for what money and food is provided by the choke hold of technology on this earth. I will do everything in my power and knowledge to prevent this mass human genocide. Read what www.Mises.org economist Bogdan C. Enache has to say about governments starving the world's poor.

Jake Hoechst participated in the 'anything into oil' machine, which is found at Missouri's Butterball Turkey plant and turns 'anything', even hazardous waste, into petroleum in an 85% efficient process.

A Conversation With Honest Businessman Jake Hoechst:

www.libertyfromoil.com [abridged]

Hello Jake! I would love to correspond with you to establish services in our District. I will place a link to your company on my campaign page. I would love to have your feedback on my policies.

My one concern is that your procedure still pollutes through combustion, yet it is a solution to two big problems. You must know about the two Texas-sized seas of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean. I would be glad to hire you to clean and process this trash and make it part of your company's business.

I can see that technologies to build clean cheap energy and financial independence exist. Together we will enjoy and provide a sustainable world and love for honest small and growing companies with high technology like yours.

<>< William

Response from Jake Hoeschst [abridged]:
Friday, Feb. 29, 2008

Dear Mr.Bunker:

First of all let me clarify that I have no affiliation with Changing World Technologies, Inc, the patent holder of this development. I am an absolute believer in the ability of this invention to have an enormous impact on the United States economy and the economies of all countries. I have followed the energy field avidly since the first article on this subject came out in May, of 2003 in Discover Magazine and the follow up article in April of 2006.

If you wish to be informed on this subject matter I suggest you check out the following sites and read them all to build up your base of knowledge on the subject. The company's home page gives a good insight into their goals. See Archer Daniels Midland: A Study In Corporate Welfare. This 1995 article has detailed background of ADM's suberfuge into the present mess with ethanol.

Search for the following; Anything Into Oil, May 2003. All of this background should give give you a good overview of the process and its potential.

Also examine these links:
Discover Magazine, corporately owned and Discover Part 2.

Article on Scoop.co.nz]

The U. S. is deeply committed to ethanol and I have written numerous letters to the President, Congress, the Energy Department, etc, and gotten zero responses. TCP is the solution to the oil problem, and all it needs is a tax credit for entrepreneurs to build TCP facilities, just as they have done for ethanol.

I hope the information I’ve provided is helpful, and I wish you good luck in your campaign.

J. W. Hoechst


I was at the supermarket the other day searching for peanut butter, and I found that one of the bottles I picked up had peanut oil on it, and now on my hand. I shrugged off the event, saying, "Well, it could power my car!" But then I thought again and said, "But I'd rather eat it..."
The UN has urged a biofuel investment halt.
Biofuels have raised food prices dangerously while food riots stir ~10 countries and famine 40 more. A person can be fed for 1 year from the amount of grain required to fill one tank of one SUV with ethanol. I will vote to ban ethanol sales from food sources in Massachusetts and for a moratorium on all nuclear fission and new coal burning power plants except the MIT research reactor and others of its kind.

Video: William Bunker promises a Nuclear Moratorium

At home in Massachusetts we will build microbe and water energy sources and organic farms. We will build electric and water car manufacturing facilities and power plants. The technology belt of Boston is a grand place to cradle these industries. I encourage these local achievements and will vote and educate to make them real.

My Vision of Freedom Technologies

Beware corporations like Archer-Daniels Midland and Changing World Technologies who conceal life saving patents. Beware a Federal Government that would do the same. We can replace our energy and industry platforms to fuel and power towns and cities inexpensively and donate heating oil to needy families. We will end our wars, ecological disasters, world starvation, and financial crisis. Vote for me and for the peace that is your natural right by birth in November.


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