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I will ask that 50 State Banks accountable to voters be built to compete with the Federal Reserve, and for the Federal Reserve to be restored to US Congress and US Congress to the people. These banks should back state finances and develop economic policy for their state. They will help hold each state's economic power apart from Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce and make economic decisions. 50 such states could be a strong economic counter to a rampaging Federal Reserve and Central Bank structure, and a powerful tool to help local economies.

I favor a free market. A worker in a corporation producing goods for a market is arguably a free market. Laissez-faire economics do not actually produce a free market. We avoid economic centrism at the capitol, but we find it in Detroit, New York City, and anywhere a massive corporation with a budget the size of a country builds their headquarters. They eventually produce monopolies unless consumers and workers are given the reigns of industry and governments representing them use anti-trust laws.

Big companies can gather and wield great power. As much as they are boons to nations in exports, they are threats. Governments cannot rely on them as pillars of their nation and it is recognized that they pursue money and profit before serving their workers or their home nation. They have withheld technologies and seduced our world capitols.

Video: Has Capitalism Failed? 1/2

Video: Has Capitalism Failed? 2/2

The videos below show inventions among the freedom technologies. They produce buoyant wealth and ability that eliminates the need for heavy and market-leveraging infrastructure and anti-competitive practice. They are under suppression by the American government, other governments, and major companies such as the $4-5 trillion annual energy industry. We need to acquire these energy structures and build new ones that will be so easy to use they cannot be hidden.

Video: The Water Car

Video: Stanley Meyer's Dune Buggy

Video: John Kanzius Machine Burns Salt Water

Video: 3D Printer

Voluntary cooperative behavior is a fulfillment of the needs of more than one person with only one set of materials. If we all were infinitely rich [and enlightened] social interaction would be casual only, and never by employment or compromise. Until that condition returns we are asked to make a choice that most closely represents what we want from among the things we have. We can never force someone else to make a decision, or that is a distressed social market and is not what we want. This lets us rely on liberty and not on the wealth of others. From this perspective we can choose the things we need and want and sustain ourselves with and give the remainder to charities or friends.

It may be possible to cultivate microorganism strains engineered to synthesize nanoscale products. Bacteria have been induced to make spider silk, and others have been engineered to make fuel oils. Buying a sample in the mail and cultivating a home-farm might be a new industry path.

Downloading designs. Printing foods. Cottage industries. This will be the world of our future.

The scientific age ends when corporations suppress technology that threatens their fortunes.

"The Cement Boots of Capitalism" is an economic term for corporate infrastructure and interest that has become so vast that owners must continue investing in it and the same products or they will collapse from the costs of change. Large populations should be able to update global infrastructure quickly enough to replace that shortage when science reaches a certain rapidly sloping curve, but command must be broken into thousands of points that obey the principles of the science, rather than the control of money. This is when we move from the age of industry and money and into the age of enlightenment.

Examine this article on corporate personhood by Janet Ashford.

Video: Specialists Discuss Pentagon Energy Machine Suppression

Stanley Meyer said he was offered $1 billion by Arab sources for his technology. His invention was disproven in court in 1996, but the military had interviewed him and approved of it for use in tanks. In 2007, John Kanzius performed a similar feat.

In 2008 I traveled to the University of Ottawa to meet Canadian Thane Heins. I spoke with him on the phone and discussed his invention, which kids have been replicating using permanent magnets and electric toothbrushes, breaking known laws of physics. MIT is unable to explain his machine.

We still burn oil and are chained to the low-technology infrastructure system, just like the industrialists and bankers are becoming slaves to their factories and competition. Though they are rich enough to afford anything and among the highest quality of living, many of us are not. Money has taken the place of a biological ecosystem. We use money to trade token points for resources and to select abilities that were once chosen purely by natural selection and biological competition.

I reject this goal. I believe that this money and industry are so important to many businessmen and governments that they would be willing to imprison and kill many of their own innocent and patriotic citizens and foreign citizens in false flag terror attacks, and lie to go to war illegally in Iraq and Iran as planned to maintain the freeze and continue living on oil and intentionally reduce America's economy to fit into the infrastructure.

Former British intelligence officer John Coleman has written a book describing a conspiracy of the world's elite against mankind. He writes about the "Council of 300", a club of billionaire elites. Businessmen's and millionaire's clubs are powerful unchecked branches of government with their capitol and presidents in the Federal Reserve and NYSE that override the will of the people with the dominance of their riches and influence.

We must solve the problems of the Business Model, or we will face them again. The best way for us to advance past these corporate and government conspirators is education and grassroots action. Please invest in my electric and water car company. Please vote for me in November.

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