Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charitable Military and Intelligence Agencies

*** Let it be known that on May 2, 2008 CIA agent Roland Carnaby was killed in Houston while chasing Israeli agents smuggling a suitcase nuclear bomb into America. ***


"0924 HRS 2 MAY 2008 - The CIA cover story apparently begins: ABC News is reporting (with video of the scene) that Roland Carnaby was, in fact, chased and shot dead by Houston Police. They confirm he presented credentials identifying him as being with the CIA. They report in the written story accompanying the video that Carnaby was shot while handcuffed and laying face down on the ground. Once again, CIA is disavowing the guy despite photographic proof that he was, in fact, inside the CIA HQ in Langley, VA."

As you can see from this tragedy wrapped in a tragedy-waiting-to-happen, a good intelligence program is critical to the proper defense by a military of a nation. The best military in the world can be hijacked by an AIDS virus of a domestic terrorist presidency or another real risk and send them across the globe as mercenaries and leave us holding the bag for some force's dirty intentions. I will work to open our intelligence community to greater public disclosure and scrutiny. I will call for and begin a global investigation into Israel's war crimes and their global intentions and influence in starting America's war with their enemies. Israel has done this kind of provocation before during the Lavon Affair of 1954, and all 3 major candidates have aides who have said it is the president's job to do what the Israeli people decide.

In 1997 the United States confirmed the use of "electromagnetic weapons" to stimulate volcanos and earthquakes and control the weather. We are not using our military effectively. Our deployments are differently aimed than the general public thinks.

Dwight D Eisenhower warned us in his exit speech in 1961 about the Military Industrial Complex. He said corporate industries with controlling financial stakes in warfare will negatively influence our country's peace and foreign policy.

It seems that our militaries operate relative to the Business model, and especially in recent years the energy market, hence the international focus on Iraq and Iran. I believe this energy market will totally collapse in the coming years and be replaced by our advents of science that prove these energy methods obsolete. The technology will not be concealable. In the meantime we have certain realities to face.

Our militaries are working to pursue the goals described by the business model, with the fronting of the President and some members of Congress, and not to defend us from what is real. We have the best fighters in the world. Our CIA and intelligence and special forces are protecting us at home, in reality. And we have another force attacking Iraq in a primarily unrelated and unecessary mission to fulfill these business goals, taking money from the US taxpayer, paying mercenaries and our companies with unConstitutional US taxpayer and other borrowed money, stealing from the Iraqis and keeping them impoverished and their economy small, and getting Iraqi oil to fuel the economic supply, all to extend the life of the infrastructure. Right now, militarily, we're defending Iraq from Iraq. That is an artificial separation. We need to either break Iraq into their tribal groups, which is possible, or allow them to reunite into Iraq.

Our domestic enemies are unchecked because of their own stranglehold on power and secret intelligence and government-media control. Investigation of our CIA forces and solving 9/11 here at home can do much to heal Iraq. We are primary players in their undecided ongoing civil war and our CIA may be engaging in public relations manipulation, as they have paid numerous editors of Iraqi newspapers. We may be fomenting fighters to continue battling us and one another through our intelligence networks. Iraq has been broken into the image of our corrupt state and corporations. It is in the corporations' interest that the Iraq war continue. No amount of military power will overcome that if they want the war to continue and keep holding seats in the Pentagon, Congress, and the White House.

The Iraq War is Satan's opposite of the creation of man by God. Many dying to not equal one being made. Knowing this helps stop that arrangement. We have worked closely with Israel in our military aggression and intelligence arrangements. We attacked Iraq and are threatening Iran not because they threaten us, but because they threaten Israel. Whether they really do or not is left to be seen.

It feels shameful to me for my nation to be defending Israel because of how grossly corrupt they have become, alongside the corporate infrastructure difficulty. Our nation has been tricked into attacking their enemies by our own Pentagon and White House and CIA. What could be more disgusting and disreputable, except allowing them to be crushed by attackers?

And so we were tricked by ourselves into attacking them, and capitulating to oil giants in Saudi Arabia because we ourselves profited from Texan and Pennsylvanian oil and our big General Motors and Detroit oil burning factories. Now they have been taken away from us by forces inside ourselves expressed externally.

We must denounce those wrongful seats, and our CIA, and expose this business model, if we are to free the Iraqis and ourselves from the exhausting and destructive Iraq war.

What should we be doing with our military instead of fighting the CIA in Iraq and Afghanistan?

It is ludicrous spending hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars and send our soldiers and mercenaries to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan when we could be using a tiny fraction of those resources securing our nation and communities and investigating foreign and domestic threats and criminal gang activities with police and response teams.

A military of 100,000 or a million men are not for invading a nest of pirates or sovereign nation unless that nation is busy attacking you. Any true nation has good and evil civilian, economic, and political forces inside, and an elevated country such as America can use their international intelligence and position to address threats responsibly. Toppling nations is irresponsible. If we are *really* going after Al Qaeda, which senior ex-CIA members have said is a CIA liasion and creation, we can do it with brigades of 1,000 and alongside the cooperation of local governments. Those leigimtate governments seek to fight crime too.

Our military should be at home maintaining vigilance and watch. They are the force behind our intelligence community, which is like our national radar. If something is wrong with our radar we are flying blind. As important as a strong and well equipped military is, a just and well regulated and motivated intelligence community is the leadership serving between our military and we the people.

At this height America could be a beacon to serve the people peacefully or a giant robot to hijack and use to conquer the financial world. We are experiencing the latter, in the name of oil and power and manufacturing companies and banks and the government of Israel. The Anything into Oil Machine, developed at the Butterball Turkey plant in Missouri as described below, which is not currently being licensed, could easily replace any oil need we have but would put tycoons out of business and help free us from their control.

Read this letter I sent to the members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

And examine this video called "War made Easy" about the media and government's role in explaining and starting wars since WW2.

A friend once asked me about my healthcare plans for veterans. I referred them to my healthcare program. I came across this article and it made me think of that topic.


Our military is not a place where our freedoms and rights are sacrificed. I would introduce legislation to restructure our Massachusetts military forces. A soldier will not be barred from voicing dissent against the state or against their seniors in command. Interchange of information is critical to any fighting team and to any group. If our military is to compete with mercenary militaries such as Blackwater there must be freedom. Freedom in our military will help us improve the quality of our ranks and fight crime in our ranks kept silent by rank.

Financial institutions and others around the world benefit from conflict. I will seek to expose these interests and have them reviewed by public disclosure.

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