Saturday, December 27, 2008

Simplified Law Focusing on Safety

The origin of the state's authority is the consent of the governed. Our natural rights give us authority to write law for others only that reflects safety and progression of society. Extraneous law is an invasion of our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Many of our Congressmen do not even read the laws before they vote on them. Joseph Lieberman tried to sneak a declaration of war on Iran into a bill recently, which is nothing but cowardice and shame. We need to simplify our law, and read and enforce the law we do have.

Video: William Discusses Simplified Law

Massachusetts highways are cluttered. I will work to clarify traffic law to reflect safety, not formality, and reduce traffic fines and parking tickets. I will help change state speed limits to the safest level reasonable on the roadway and not a number. Dutch studies have found this method improves traffic flow and intersection function and it can reduce the number of accidents. You will not wait at a red light in a field to honor the state or avoid a penalty on my watch.

Safe driving laws can be equally enforced without restrictive licenses. If a driver is operating a vehicle unsafely they should be reported or video taped and photographed by officers and charged with such or with reckless driving in court. Traffic and parking tickets are a $10-billion a year industry, which motivates municipalities to issue these tickets. This does not represent upholding the law or safety.

Visit and the USF to see more about traffic law. You can support my campaign even if you don't vote in Massachusetts by discussing these principles with your friends and with strangers. This is how our civil society and social lives prosper.

Video: Parkour. Your choices are your own. That is liberty.

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