Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Restoration of The State and Federal Judicial System

Citizens should be more active in lawmaking through petition in the courts. Because our people are so frequently misrepresented or overlooked and our Justice Branch has a Constitutional duty to fulfill and accountability to our citizens, citizens' groups should be able to petition to overturn legislation in court with the help and decisions of State and Federal judges.

Our authority has been stolen by a system that actively strides against our majority decisions. According to Noam Chomsky substantial elements of American policy are against the public opinion of national consensus and cultivated against the will of the people. Nn 2000 Massachusetts voted for 5% state tax levels in a referendum but the legislature overruled this decision illegally. We need to remove our support from deviated portions of this state and have our will represented. The same of our Federal representation. I will introduce legislation and demand action stimulating this effect. I ask that citizens bring legal cases to change the law and that judicial decisions reflect the interpretation and enforcement of our law system as the balance of power indicated originally.

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