Thursday, December 18, 2008

The 9/11 Attacks

My position on the 9/11 Attacks

There is a strong and growing truth movement in America and around the world, backed both by popular support and facts.

Jesse Ventura regrets his initial acceptance of the official 9/11 story, denounces collapse story.

The correct method to capture those responsible for 9/11 is to accurately investigate the event. We can discover that those responsible for the event came from our own government and our own country, as well as from sources attached to Israeli corporations, or to messages dispensed through Odigo.

George W Bush signed executive order 199i barring the investigation of Arab flight schoolers and/or Al Qaeda by FBI agents is complicity. FBI agents from our FBIhave written books on this disaster. Our FBI affirming the fat bin Laden video of November, 2001, precipitating the invasion of Afghanistan, is complicity.

Movie: Fake Bin Laden

This is a link to the image of Osama bin Laden's face superimposed over the man in the video's.

7 of the 19 hijackers are still alive. The man whose passport fell from the inside of the burning plane onto the New York sidewalk, the only piece of evidence directly linking the Al-Qaeda to the planes, has asked for his passport back.

The confusing fact that we gave OBL medical attention at an American hospital in Dubai with full recommendation by our authorities in partial secret in summer of 2001 is gross complicity, as he was on the most wanted list for the African embassy bombings at the time. This is evidence of complex and profound corruption and state sponsorship of the 9/11 attacks.

Considering the necessary statistics of the building being demolished by explosives and the planes being structurally little more than a scapegoat, a huge amount of local footwork must be accomplished to achieve the collapses totalling thousands to hundreds of thousands of manhours of work just for WTC 1 and 2. This was not done by terrorists, but by a branch of our own government, almost certainly in collusion with the owners of the WTC compound, which was on alert for weeks before the events due to warnings, which is a very good excuse to have hundreds of soldiers and operatives hanging around the building guarding/prepping the strike.

Movie: MIT Engineer Discusses 9/11

The ‘scar’ in Shanksville, Pennsylvania is a strip mine. The real Flight 77 probably was taken with Flight 93 to Cleveland, where the occupants were arrested for national security and are being held in secret prisons or are dead.

Video: Shanksville Crash Site shows up on 1994 USGS as Strip Mine

Video: United Identified Flight 93 as Landing in Cleveland Airport at 10:45am on 9/11

Link: Video Manipulation found in Officially released Pentagon Footage

The attacks in Shanksville, Cleveland, and the Pentagon also require substantial covert collusion and preparation with local [American] agents. Media and state cooperation with this attack and their use of it for their purposes show secondary awareness.

The attacks, known by the state to be false, were used to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, to begin the war on terror, and to motivate unConstitutional legislation that has compromised America's democracy. Gold is missing from the basement of the WTC towers, and its full effects are unaccounted for. Airliner stock in the days prior to 9/11 made many people very rich with insider trading, showing awareness of future loss.

The attacks and money motions and the way our new laws have been used reflect a benefit to Israel at our expense. We have invaded Islamic countries that have participated in threatening Israel but which were no threat to us but for their oil and freedom, and we have threatened and performed special operations in other countries in ways that reduce and dissuade them from acting freely and break international law. We are protecting Israel without question and without intelligence. Protectionism itself is bad in most financial or political cases.

The ways of the Likud Zionists of Israel are not good, in that money and control are not happiness and love. Known by the fruit of their tree and the gross destruction that they have rained down upon earth, I will not spend Massachusetts resources defending Israel, and will vote for America to end foreign aid to Israel and become energy independent from them and Middle Eastern oil. Israel, you are not our Moms and Dads! You are not our Kings and Queens! That they cannot live alongside others is terrible.

The judicial consequences of this kind of attack have been avoided, but are clear. Arrest of suspects and trial, impeachment of the president and vice president who are complicit, and an ongoing intelligence investigation into the procedure. Invading the enemies of Israel is not important enough to lie and cheat and kill. These tactics are poor and they are not my way, nor the way of a Christian. Helping neighbors is noble, but tricking others into helping is an act of unmatched cowardice. Intelligence and reason should be compelling.

We have failed to arrest these active perpetrators because of the scope of their corruption and organization. Our intelligence agencies have not interrupted their evil rampage. The damage they are doing and continue to do deepens daily and our nation's reputation and the globe's position becomes more compromised. Millions and probably tens to hundreds of millions have died and billions of lives have been materially degraded by these attacks. Can we see by their fruits the evil they have wrought?

I encourage any intelligence community and Constitutional law enforcement officials to advance the arrest and restoration of justice of those responsible for these crimes. This illegal experiment is dangerous and can be over now.

Act promptly in the media and the state. It would be wise to produce intelligence that leads to hard trials in Washington and The Hague and Jerusalem for the many responsible and complicit in these crimes, and awaken the American and world public in a way that will help them defeat sinister financial and control interests elsewhere in the nation and world.

From this foundation we can develop the new American energy, manufacturing, and intelligence sectors and maintain awareness of the risks of these millionaire's clubs, political cabals, like we failed to on 9/11 and in 1914. This reformation can be profound and successful, and those responsible for these crimes recognized and their ways dynamically branded as something to avoid or report in the minds of the new public. We need not experience the Constitution's opposite.

Movie: BBC shows American origins of Al-Qaeda

According to ex-embassy worker Michael Springman, the CIA issues many fake visas through the Embassy in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. 11 of the 9/11 Hijackers got their visas issued through Jedda. Another 7 are still alive. That may make up to 18 9/11 hijackers accounted for. Which was the 19th?

Picture: Another good image of probable high temperature thermite cut of WTC steel. A BYU professor also found thermite on WTC steel.

And another:

Dr Steven E. Jones Boston 9/11 Conference shows that demolition thermite, including some unreacted thermite, was found uncontaminated on the towers. This is the smoking gun 'and the gun'. The towers were brought down using demolition explosives found on the scene only 20 minutes after the collapse.
Free Republic

This is the FBI's account.

Some other good websites for news:
Huffington Post

A dream:

Joseph Cannon

Movie: Consider that the CIA has spent billions on Remote Viewing for over 2 decades.

A man named Joseph Cannon was dating a woman "Gabrielle" in 1999. She had a prophetic dream one night about planes crashing into the WTC, and a small nuclear device exploding in Chicago, destroying the Sears Tower and the painting 'Farmer and his Wife". She said that the attacks would not be done by those who were blamed, and that George Bush and a man 'Kerry" would be president when the events occurred.

I have received word recently and in the past about "Operation Noble Resolve" which was to detonate a small nuclear device in Portland, Oregon, Boston, or Chicago, if I am not mistaken, and blame it on Iranians to attack them. This attack would also involve rounding up protestors and putting them in the currently standing FEMA camps capable of holding 30-40 million Americans scattered across America, with a large camp able to hold 2 million people standing today in Alaska.

I mention this because the risk is high. I, too, had prophetic thought in summer of 2001. Every 5 or 6 days I thought to myself, "My goodness, wouldn't it do so much damage if someone flew a plane into a building! Think of the terrible destruction!" I, like Gabrielle and others, shrugged it off, and I didn't put the pieces together until 2004.

Note that Operation Northwoods detailed our American military attacking American civilians and detonating bombs in Miami as an excuse to attack Cuba. The Lavon Affair of Israel involved Israelis attacking Egyptian, American, and British targets in Egypt in a attempt to get America to invade Israel's enemy: Egypt. Similar events happened in 1990 when America invaded Iraq, after sending a notice of permission to attack Kuwait through a minor undersecretary for slant-drilling into Iraqi oil reserves and then disregarding that warning.

According to the head of the CIA in 1974, during an interview with a Congressional Panel investigating the murder of JFK, 'George HW Bush was in charge of the shooters on that day.' The next day, the previous head of the CIA was fired, and George HW Bush was the new head of the CIA until becoming vice president to Ronald Reagan. The man who killed RFK was a manchurian candidate trained by our own CIA. There are reports that Oklahoma City terrorists were provided fertilizer by the CIA.

At the start of the Spanish-American war, suspicious explosions aboard a ship in Guantanamo Bay of Cuba prompted our invasion of Cuba. In 1964, the Gulf of Tonkin event which has been shown to be False Flag, American v American, led to our involvement in Vietnam. We also allowed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor when we had prior knowledge of their arrival.

Consider this new article about nuclear weapons being stolen from Minot AFB. The 6 airmen whowere associated with the mistakenly tipped weapons all died in mysterious accidents shortly after the mixup and loss.

America has used attacks against its own people to begin wars for over a century. We have a history of it and given the present Pentagon, CIA, and White House leadership, will again.

Any government organization or corporation that is not under the review of the general public or intelligently publicly known in all aspects for review is a domestic enemy. We should investigate this administration, the Pentagon, and their Federal agencies. I will vote to reopen 9/11.


Anonymous said...


I have concluded that you really don't know what your talking about. You have absolutely no credible information to stake your 911 position on. How an intelligent young man can believe supposition and personal opinions is beyond my comprehension. William, review your facts, don't accept opinions and suppositions on 911, don't be too hasty to believe what you want to believe, check it out then check again.

I would encourage you to drill down a few more layers and secure better information. However, I do agree that we acted on terrible slanted information when our country invaded Iran. This is now "fact" and it is my opinion that several of our high ranking government officials resigned their posts
as a result.

Don't take positions on opinions, just facts that can be checked out...I want to support you, however your not seeking good and informed counsel on your positions. Lets see if you reword a few of your stands and offer up "facts"...


William Bunker said...

Thank you George C for expressing your opinion on this matter, and for your desire to support my campaign. This country is made of good individuals like yourself and I value your contribution to the community.

Do you know that 7 of the 19 hijackers are still alive? The man whose passport fell from the inside of the burning plane onto the New York sidewalk, the only piece of evidence directly linking the Al-Qaeda to the planes, has asked for his passport back.

There are many facts like that out there, and many others who support the 9/11 truth movement.

There is a strong and growing truth movement in America and around the world, backed both by popular support and facts. I am surprised that you have not yet heard about it. Knowledge connects popularity and truth.

Visit Jones Report [] to find news about 9/11 and other topics.

I have displayed a video by MIT engineer Jeff King on my page describing how the towers showed signs of demolition. A demolition would take thousands of manhours to set up. WTC 7 was also demolished that day.

This is blog of a conversation I had with one of my friends in town who believes the White House-sponsored version of 9/11. Remember that Jeff King does not believe this account and disproves it in his presentation to MIT.

Below is a long list of links that should provide information on the 9/11 truth movement.
Free Republic

This is the FBI's account.

Some other good websites for news:
Huffington Post

I will update my post with Jeff King's presentation to also contain the FBI's 'fat bin laden' tape containing statements and facial analysis of a man alleging to be Osama bin Laden. This tape was found in November of 2001 and was the excuse used to send us to Afghanistan.

I hope this answers your concerns.


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"You can never step into the same river twice."

"No two people can look at the same river."
William Bunker