Monday, December 29, 2008

The Electric and Water Car Manufacturing Plant

As can be seen in Green Energy the technology to build a clean fuelless or water fuel vehicle exists.

I will work with lawmakers and public investors to raise capital and build an electric and water powered car and generator manufacturing plant in the Merrimac Valley. GM's EV1 was popular in California in the mid-1990's and inspired the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?, proving a large and enthusiastic public market for electric and alternative vehicles. If we produce this technology we will have a suitable industrial base to work with in Massachusetts.

Video: William discusses Merrimac Valley Electric Vehicles

Massachusetts has the potential to become a new all-American Detroit of the electric or water car and solar cell. I will begin industrial initiatives and state consumption and installation of water fuel mass transportation and power plants. These companies and Massachusetts will compete out global coal, oil, and gas automotive interests. We could trade these goods to California, Arizona, Europe, and the world as we use them at home.

This is a link to the letter I sent to interested parties about starting an electric car company in the Merrimac Valley.

Video: Who killed the Electric Car?

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