Monday, December 15, 2008


I will vote for Impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney and anyone who stands to protect them from legitimate investigation as obstructors of justice.
Government: they are us, or we are them.

May 28, 2008 Excerpt from David Adler of Idaho State University at Pocatello's findings that "the Bush administration has [given] powers to itself that the British people even refused to grant King George III at the time of the Revolutionary War."

Examine this article in which neo-conservative government architect Douglas Feith attests that Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Wesley Clark admitted the War on Terror is a hoax. Starting right after 9/11 the goal has been "regime change" and instability in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Lebanon so as to protect Israel. They can protect themselves. The goal was never really to destroy Al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden is a CIA agent and we gave him medical attention at an American hospital in Dubai in summer of 2001 while he was on the FBI's Most Wanted List.

I want these felons out of office. I don't care what they are wielding our nation to accomplish. They are liars and deceivers.

Dick Cheney says war not determined by the People

"Cheney told Raddatz that American war policy should not be affected by the views of the people. But that is precisely whose views should matter: It is the people who should decide whether the nation shall go to war."

This is an impeachable offense. This is taxation without representation and rebuff of address of grievances.

We the American public do not choose war, but decide who and when to fight to defend ourselves from enemies. I will help Americans have the intelligence and information they need to choose to join a military action or stay at home.

George Bush Caught Slandering Iran

Our intelligence communities caught George W Bush saying Iran, 'declared it wanted nuclear weapons to destroy people.' It has not.

This is slander, and I want George W Bush on trial.

The 2000 elections were decided here by Anthony Scalia: "We must stop this recount or it will cause irreparable harm to George W Bush." Approximately 19,000 Miami-Dade county votes remained uncounted. When Congress was petitioned to sponsor a recount through speeches on the floor of the US Congress by numerous citizens asking for a single Congressman to sponsor their plea to have a recount, not one member lent a hand. I would.

Video: Supreme Court Decision 2000 Fraud

The company MEMRI is responsible for almost all of the translation between Arabic language news and Western journalism. MEMRI is owned by two neoconservative Israelis. The company has been found to have mistranslated incidents with grave consequences to make them very inflammatory and to add criminal intent to the speech. This is fraud. I will recomend theri investigation to international committees for the past false and slanderous news they have brought to Massachusetts.

Torture is an impeachable offense and has been confessed to. George Bush has also vetoed anti-torture bills. This too is impeachable. Torture is already banned in America by our national and international laws. Notice John Yoo is also being prepared to be tried as a war criminal. Torture is war crime. "I am prepared to accept whatever risk that goes along with living in a country that doesn't ever torture its enemies." I am also prepared to accept whatever risk goes along with impeaching a president who tortures.

This is disgusting. The link here is to pictures of Abu Ghraib torture of prisoners of war by American soldiers. This is in violation of our national law and international treaties.

This article outlines the CIA's practices of torture, and the notice that the CIA has been jailing and torturing antiwar protesters. 12 protesters from the San Francisco protests last week have been arrested and 'removed from the United States'.

Two towns in Vermont have sworn to arrest George Bush and Dick Cheney if they visit and have legislation to bring their Vermont National Guard home from Iraq and Afghanistan. I recommend they stop paying Federal income tax, and I will vote for Massachusetts to make similar measures.

Belgian, Japanese, German, and numerous other worldwide sources are bringing war crimes and torture lawsuits against General Tommy Franks, George W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and other members of our administration. In my studies their guilt is highlighted.

Removing George Bush and Dick Cheney and neoconservative guard from the administration would substantially alter America's course in turbulent global waters. However, America is a substantial player in this turbulence. By impeaching these criminals and introducing and implementing the technologies described above with even modest corporate cooperation the quality of life of mankind can be forever improved and justice served. I seek this as do billions.

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