Monday, December 15, 2008

E-Voting Fraud, DC Madame's Silent Testimony

Hard Evidence of Voting Machine Addition Errors

This link shows that voting machines have been arranged to produce inconsistent totals for voting. Do not vote on an electronic voting machine. Sequoia and Diebold will have cases opened against them regardless of their interior threats on my watch.

Letter Sent to New Jersey about E-Voting Machines

"I am running for House of Representatives in 2008. The cowardice of these electronic voting machine proponents is breathtaking.

Any government institution in America that is not reviewable is undemocratic and unConstitutional.

I condemn these electronic voting machines. See the video testimony of a computer programmer who was solicited to make fraudulent software as he testifies before Congress. It can be found on my campaign pages at, or at

E-voting machines were hacked in 90 seconds on live television. They are unreliable vote fraud generating junk. By the public nature of elections, voting machine software and source code is public domain. I demand that our 2008 elections be monitored by responsible authorities and the source code published on the internet or the machines banned from this nation.

Call your senators from New Jersey and tell them that you will not vote on electronic voting machines. This is an outrage."

New Jersey Senators:
Phone: (202) 224-3224
Phone: (202) 224-4744

Examine this video about electronic vote fraud. Computer programmer Clinton Curtis testifies before Congress:

This man hacks into an e-voting machine in one minute:

Do not vote on e-voting machines. I would rather see you stay home and be active in your community than vote for me on an e-voting machine.

DC Madame Suicided

This is a link to the DC Madame murder suicide scandal that is currently accumulating against Dick Cheney. She was found dead with a list of clients from DC. She stated publicly on the Alex Jones show that she would never commit suicide, and that she was planning on going to court and exposing the government, and not to make deals with others to stay quiet.

These two other stories about Deborah Jeanne Palfrey's testimonies are compelling. This story as well, from 2007, is compelling. This video is stunning.

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