Sunday, December 28, 2008

Abortion and Right to Life

I spoke to someone recently who remembers being in his mother's womb as a baby who must have been about 5 months of gestation. He told me about social experiences he had at the time silently with his mother, and a conversation that his mother and father had while he was unborn.

I believe that if the electromagnetic field of a baby is unique in origin from the mother's, the baby is a new life. I would ask scientists to perform special tests using special electronic detection equipment to learn more about the biological electric fields of unborn babies and infants.

Because of this scientific fact we can identify the birth control pill as the abortion pill, as it does not prevent the sex cells from joining, and causes mini abortions with frequency during sexual activity. I will ask scientists to testify before Congress on these topics and change the law to show that the 'contraceptive' pill does not prevent cell fusion, but causes minute abortions. I will ask scientists to work on fusion-control measures that allow the enjoyment of sex without necessary reproduction. Mankind is responsible enough for this and the way we currently operate is with millions or billions of literal human deaths a year.

Look sex right in the eye.

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Ancient proverb
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