Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marriage, Referendums, and the Constitution

I was delighted to be contacted with questionnaires by the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action and the Massachusetts Family Institute. They asked me about marriage law, cloning, human embryo destruction, and other pertinent health and social topics.

I spoke recently to someone who remembers being in his mother's womb at about 5 months of gestation. He told me about social experiences he had at the time silently with his mother and a conversation that his mother and father had while he was unborn. Hello!

I believe that if the electromagnetic field of a baby is unique in origin from the mother's, the baby is a new life. I would ask scientists to perform special tests using special electronic detection equipment to learn more about the biological electric fields of unborn babies and infants. I will vote to ban the destruction of human embryos and for a moratorium on cloning until we know everything about genetics and living health.

The letter I sent to Coalition For Marriage:

"My name is William Bunker and I am running for Massachusetts House of Representatives in Middlesex County's 2nd District, covering Westford, Littleton, and part of Chelmsford.

I am so glad I got your questionnaire. It gave me the opportunity to express my views about respecting human life and reproductive relationships and now I have the opportunity to meet you!

I believe that human life begins when the embryo's electromagnetic field is distinct from the parent organisms. This is arguably the moment the DNA combines into new DNA. I also believe that reproductive couples and couples who celebrate the reproductive or heterosexual lifestyle have a special relationship with society that other sexual groupings do not. I believe the duties of the state are not to enforce social control, and I will rely on and encourage society and citizen groups and scientists such as yourself to show this and help regulate society. I will vote on legislation that I believe is just and right under Constitutional and legal boundaries. This is the authority of the state, which I cannot ethically stretch.

I would love to schedule a time to meet with you. I have already completed and faxed back the questionnaires. I look forward to your call or email.

<>< William"

As their representative and yours I support Massachusetts citizens voting to change their Constitution to anything they fully understand in light of natural law and support and vote on by the sufficient margin. You cannot stop them! To defy the voters this right is undemocratic and against government. The Constitution is a document founded in our names and the names of our forefathers. Our right to change our laws and live our lives in the way we see most fit is permanent. No government has the right to prevent its citizens from forming coalitions and voting in referendums to change the law. The law was made for man, not man for the law. So to the state.

I will open lawsuits in the Massachusetts State Supreme Court pursuant to force the 2000 economic tax measure as voted by the people and to allow voters as they chose to have a referendum on the State Constitution about marriage, although I believe in freedom. Pursuit of happiness and right to privacy guarantees the right to select volutary adult sexual partners. The state cannot be used to outlaw same-sex marriages or homosexuality. Society must review itself. Forcing government to do this is one step away from eugenics programs and a police state. The reason this is such an issue is not because homosexuals make the choices they do. It is because some states have become entangled in recognizing their unions.

I would introduce legislation to disentangle Massachusetts from same-sex marriages. The state of Massachusetts should not honor same-sex marriages, but I believe it is not the state's place to regulate society in this way by honoring or not honoring marriage. Recognizing marriage is the place of society and the place of God. I am glad groups like the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action have gathered. These groups help form our society and strengthen our communities. Tax codes and habitation laws should not be used to define marriage.

Marriage has much to do with fertility. A homosexual couple is not a fertile pair. There is a special place reserved in society for pairs of humans who intend and love to make more humans. Homosexuals are not often among these. This is why homosexual marriage is not a marriage, and why a man and woman who have children have a special bond with one another and society.


Mike said...

Marriage has much to do with fertility.


Marriage has to do with religious institutions; marriage is not an issue of the state.

Would you ban marriages for sterile men and women? A lot of people for fertility problems, so you're so off base that it hurts your credibility. Not even the religious right sees marriage as a fertility issue or genital matching issue, it's an issue of the Bible and their church.

William Bunker said...

Thank you for your interest in my campaign, Mike!

Churches didn't originate the heterosexual couple. Churches began to honor the heterosexual couple.

Marriage does have to do with fertility because it involves sex. Even if no baby is ever formed, sex is celebratory to reproduction and is an expression of the reproductive desire. Couples seek join and marry because of their desire to have sex and love that goes with it. If a couple does not join for sex they are just friends.

This reproductive role has a special place in society that homosexual relationships do not. It is hard for two men who are sexually active with one another to celebrate reproduction. They have a different relationship with society.

As I said in my article, no I would not ban marriages between cosentual adults. I also do not believe the state should be engaging in social control.

I believe these statements are just and that what I have said is true.

Ancient proverb
"You can never step into the same river twice."

"No two people can look at the same river."
William Bunker