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Healthcare, Good Foods, A Clean Environment

** Public not-for-profit healthcare insurance
** Optional free healthcare for everyone by sliding scale payment plan
** Label clean foods through the MFDA
** Measure pollution and electrical fields' relationship with health
** Reduce environmental pollution to improve health
** Close nuclear plants and reduce coal power pollution
** Invest in and investigate clean Freedom Technologies
** Ban direct-to-consumer advertising in Massachusetts
** Reimport drugs from Canada
** Compare generic and 'brand name' drug differences
** Investigate companies that bribe doctors to overprescribe their medications
** Relegalize medical marijuana to replace some pharmaceuticals treatments
** Improve public hospitals to compete with for-profit medical centers
** Provide and research the preparation of HIV gene-blocking therapies
** Ask private hospitals to engage in sliding scale payment plans
** Ask doctors to volunteer some of their time at common-price public hospitals
** No mandatory universal healthcare or vaccinations, to honor the Constitution

A healthcare plan is a budget for hospitals or insurance companies and involves the EPA, the FDA, and DEA. Healthcare begins at the farm and ends in home after the hospital. A clean environment, clean food, and responsible drug research and hospital service combine to give us good health.

Organic foods are healthier for consumers. Eating them instead of processed foods will help protect your health. Many of our foods were sprayed with toxic chemicals before being sold to us. This affects the health of the living thing that we eat as well as our own health.

We can measure food health in its bioelectric field. I will ask for a nutritional and ecological life cycle requirements study on farm animals, determining what needs they have for peak health. If they have been treated within these requirements they would become the new 'USFDA GRADE A'. and reduce in rank all of the existing food categories by one letter. We will have our food properly labeled and it will affect the way farms and food producers treat plants and animals.

We should encourage local and urban farming and raising animals. I will ask the zoning board of Westford, Chelmsford, and Littleton to allow greater access to small farm animal ownership and protect farmers from anti-competitive practices by big corporate farms, genetically engineered foods, RFID chipping of animals, and other contemporary risks.

We can use new technology to measure biological health as electric fields, which gives us clues about the nutrition and wellness of our living food before we eat it. I will introduce legislation to have Massachusetts or the FDA change their food grading structure to place organic foods at the top, grade A, and move all other foods down one grade unless they can prove that they are as healthy as good organic foods. Other food maladies such as trans fats, hydrogenated oils, and petroleum-based colorings and artificial flavorings will be examined too.

Foods containing artificial food colorings made from petroleum should be banned. Petroleum is not a food. It is marketed with the knowledge that it is toxic to health. The risks of putting dinner plastics in the microwave, recommended by food packers and warned against by the Johns Hopkins Institute, are stark. Microwaves change chemical shapes of molecules. A study found that plants given microwaved water that was allowed to cool died while other plants given unmicrowaved water thrived. Billions of people eat foods microwaved in plastic every week. Please support consumer groups working to reduce our society's toxicity and consume healthier foods.

Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical found in plastics. The FDA has a conflict of interests with the American Plastics Council and as of the date of publication still allows BPA. We need to watch these and other chemicals and our foods and goods more closely.


Chemtrails are aerosolized particles dropped into the atmosphere from planes, which often leave a miles long cloud, some crossing the whole sky. These clouds are not water nor fuel. They contain particles and chemicals, hence the name "Chemtrails". 3-4 hours later the particles drift down to the land and can be felt sometimes as wafty wet droplets even on sunny days.

I experienced them on May 5, 2008 while cycling around Westford. You may have seen me that day handing out this web address and talking with people in Westford. Chemtrails were dropped around 3:00pm that day. About 7:30pm I felt several droplets on my face and shortly afterwards I had a runny nose and sniffles. I will take these polluters and privacy invaders to the EPA, Supreme Court, and The Hague. These are domestic crimes.

The British have admitted to testing biowarfare agents on their own people using Chemtrails.">Germany has admitted to using chemtrails in their military testing. Satellite weather pictures from the Gulf War show chemtrail cloud formations. This is vile and the result is ill health and the degradation of our DNA.

We have the technology to build and disperse nanoscale robotic machines through chemtrails to interact with cells and genes. They could be Hollywood's self-replicating Terminators but microscopic. Examine Morgellon's Disease, which could be the first known nanomachine-related human ailment. I do not want these chemicals dropped on my town.

Photo from

Track chemtrail activity in your area at

I will write legislation protecting Americans from government. This should be covered under the 4th amendment and international treaties.

Massachusetts and Californian Law

Making our Massachusetts and California's environmental law friends is a big step to a strong green alliance. Californian environmental laws and labs are some of the best in the country. Massachusetts and California can both benefit from combining our legal standing with auto companies. Electric and water cars built in Massachusetts will all automatically conform to Californian emissions standards. Cleaning our environment together will enhance our health and quality of life and reduce our healthcare risks.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a proven cancer fighting drug. Marijuana can replace many expensive drugs and their unpleasant side effects and reduce the cost of our healthcare systems.

'A Spanish medical team’s study released in Madrid in February 2000 has shown that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active chemical in marijuana, destroys tumors in lab rats. A study in Virginia in 1974 yielded similar results but was suppressed by the DEA. In 1983 the Reagan/Bush administration tried to persuade U.S. universities and researchers to destroy all cannabis research work done between 1966 and 1976, including compendiums in libraries.' California has performed successful studies with marijuana and write their laws accordingly. Numerous US states sponsor medical marijuana. Pharmaceutical companies compete with marijuana and want it to be illegal.

Healthcare Finance

Trillions are spent on healthcare. Some global financial houses and interests want healthcare for profit and market share before helping citizens. Banning direct-to-consumer advertising has saved Canada's smaller healthcare program $150 million. An American law banning that advertising would lift to our healthcare budget substantially. Pharmaceutical companies spend $2 on advertising for every $1 of research and they expect to make 10-12% profit on top of that. Only a doctor knows if these medications are best. Competitive 'for-profit' healthcare promotes expensive advertising and incentives for doctors to overprescribe. Bribes of up to $100 are recorded for doctors prescribing certain brand-name drugs in the Atlantic Monthly. This practice is medical fraud and doubtlessly has influenced doctors to prescribe unneeded medication altering health. I encourage lawsuits against these advertisers and question doctors involved in this practice. This is what malpractice lawsuits were made for.

Merck's drug Prozac was found to be no more effective than placebo and causes health risks found and suppressed by Merck in the late 1980's. This is a critical conflict of interest that has been said to 'call into question legitimacy of research that's been done by drug companies'. I invite Massachusetts prosecutors to investigate these companies on behalf of our citizens and those medicated and the families of those lost who took those medications.

Our government gives pharmacos unequal deals that ban reimportation of drugs from Canada where they are sold for as little as half what we pay for them in America. Market economics can be adjusted to make our healthcare cheaper. Consumers are being fooled and harmed to make money for corporations. A well educated populace and legislature supporting an open and truly free market can give us better lives.

The gene that blocks HIV was recently discovered. Similar genes and agents that prevent or reduce cancer risk have been found. I would ask Massachusetts and every state to someday sponsor a Red Cross and international community monitored program to provide gene-therapy to voluntarily introduce this immunity to the public, without mercury preservatives or foreign and undesired agents. The same can be said of bacteria that causes cavities. Research must be done to determine the impact of these resources on ecology and human health.

The cost of our healthcare is increased by 10-12% just by being a profit-bearing enterprise. Providing a non-profit state-organized healthcare program will reduce our healthcare costs by this margin.

FRee Healthcare

Everyone needs free healthcare. The costs of healthcare are too great and going without leads to expensive emergency room visits and deeply reduced quality of life. We pay for Iraq's entire healthcare program out of American pockets. Surely we in America and the world can help one another care for health.

Federally mandated healthcare is against our Constitution. No one should be forced to sign up to a healthcare program or receive care they do not choose to. Protecting people from invasive medical screening is important. The government has admitted in court that their inoculations have caused autism. Straightening these legal and financial practices is a goal of my candidacy.


And for the world:

Dean Kamen's Water Distiller

This device by New Hampshire's Dean Kamen will filter anything into pure water without filters or replacement material, forever. Massachusetts technical firms could begin producing this to provide humanitarian aid to families all over the world right now.

Steven Colbert: "So what do you want to do with these?"
Dean Kamen: 'Wipe out 50% of human disease.'

I will help you, Dean.

Environmental Toxicity

Environmental and product toxicity is a pressing issue. We use toxic petroleum on our foods and food colorings and expose toxic foods to our livestock before we eat them. We put aluminum in many of our food products. The nerve cells of alzheimers patients routinely contain up to 4x the average amount of aluminum in the populace. Examine this list of products that have added aluminum. We routinely ingest plastics and chemicals which are unnatural and unsafe.

Video: William Discusses Environmental Toxicity

There are two Texas-sized [~1000 miles wide] piles of toxic plastic trash floating in the Pacific ocean. Mankind will clean these with floating machines to turn junk into oil and a floating forest alongside it.

"Dr Richard Thompson of the University of Plymouth has investigated how plastic degrades in oceans and how tiny marine organisms, such as barnacles and sand-hoppers respond.

He told the BBC: "We know that plastics in the marine environment will accumulate and concentrate toxic chemicals from the surrounding seawater and you can get concentrations several thousand times greater than in the surrounding water on the surface of the plastic."

Certain plastics cause obesity, early puberty, breast cancers, and neurological and behavioral effects in fetuses, infants, and children.
Despite their market share, these plastics will be BANNED for causing disease.

I will ask Massachusetts to advise citizens on the dangers of microwaving or inhaling plastic products or fumes, despite their prevalence in society. Inorganic foods, preservatives, trans-fats, and other additives will be examined and discouraged. I have the guts to stand up to anyone who would market bad food. We will reduce the level of toxicity in our cities and our lives.

Clean Environments

Cleaner cities will grow stronger. Green urban environmental planning, rooftop gardens, and new energy sources will all reduce pollution in our cities. In Toronto, one skyscraper’s rooftop farms can feed 30,000. I will promote organic rooftop farms in every city in Massachusetts. They will purify our towns and turn us into New England’s breadbasket and every city into a productive agricultural center. We can have clean unsprayed organic local foods in 4 seasons. I encourage citizens to be active in small local farming and to buy local food. Visit and be a local hero!

You might want to become a 'shareholder' with the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. For a share, fresh food from local farms is delivered to a drop site or from the farm in Dracut each week. This is a superior plan to food from distant mega farms arriving at a supermarket. Choose the local plan! Let's work to start farms in Westford, Chelmsford, Littleton, and other nearby towns.

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