Saturday, December 6, 2008


I believe our invasion of Iraq was war crime and the same aggressive military activity that has been produced against Iran. Iraq had no chemical weapons programs, and if they did I do not care because a chemical strike is traceable to a nation and responsibility as well as preventable by our intelligence and legal international eavesdropping systems. We can detect a cell phone call on the planet Jupiter and have spy satellites and heat sensitive cameras that operate from space and even accurate psychic spies according to ex-CIA Dr Henry Morehouse. We do not need to invade a nation to prevent a terror attack or a war.

State agents have admitted we could possibly have dealt with Saddam Hussein, whom we had contained, in non-violent ways. We also know Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qaeda nor 9/11. We know our administration has tampered with evidence and intelligence reports, lied intentionally to fool the public, said the public does not decide whether we go to war, and lied about 9/11.

I believe they lied about Iraq to send us to war with them. I believe they did this on Israel's behalf, to demolish their enemies. Israel has done this kind of espionage before during the 1954 Lavon Affair. They do have a nuclear weapon inside our borders as of May 2, 2008.

Jerusalem and Iraq are millstones around our necks, as said in Revelations. I would turn them over to the UN with that warning. I would also call for and open a public global investigation of Israeli war crimes and their future intentions to destroy Iran and conquer the world like Nazis using political influence, espionage, terrorism, energy, and money. Our police and control state's intentions are sinister and against the freedom that our Constitution protects and which natural law provides. We should not have to go over our rights and simple decency to this extent. It is a violation of basic love.


The Iraqi government has asked that Blackwater leave Iraq. The US says 'business as usual'.

I call on the Iraqi government to make arrests in Iraq of Blackwater personnel that they want out of the country from their seat of authority. I will support this measure and ask for it from Congress. I will vote for Massachusetts to denounce Blackwater and to charge them with appropriate war crimes.

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