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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at special war with Iran. But it's not going to be the kind of war many have been expecting.

We do not need to attack or compete mortally with Iran or the Middle East. My policies have always been and remain peace but for self defense.

As of May 7, 2008, Iran has busted a CIA terror group operating in Iran which had a large amount of explosives, cyanide, ammunition and weapons, and maps, films, sketches and pictures of public places. They allegedly had plans to bomb scientific, educational, and religious centers, shoot people, and make public places in various cities insecure.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency comprehensively supported the terrorist group by arming it, training its members, and sponsoring its inhumane activities in Iran, the Intelligence Ministry stated. This is cowardice.

Let it also be known that on May 2, 2008 a CIA agent was chasing what he reported as Israeli operatives carrying a nuclear suitcase bomb through Houston at 122 mph. Local police eventually stopped him and the ones he was pursuing escaped. They were asked to find a reason to arrest him and they shot him. An Israeli nuclear weapon is likely now in the hands of Israel inside the United States.

Iran has called on the IAEA to investigate Israeli nuclear programs if it investigates Iranian nuclear programs.

Asia Times has reported that two Senators were briefed about George W Bush's plans to attack Iran within two months, August 2008, with air strikes against the Iranian military.

I denounce this administration's criminal aggression and unConstitutional ways. If there is a case against Iran, let us make it in court with honesty and not behind closed doors. I will not tolerate or stand behind an administration which wages secret wars without public evidence or approval, or replaces that evidence with false flag self mutilation and then blame.

The American people decide whom to fight. Not the administration. We The People have the power of this land and those in government are entrusted with that power, not sovereign to it. If he invades them, he will be leaving our circle of entrusted authority.

We will remove them from it for your crimes. We demand intelligence and truth.

Letter from Youtube user TeabowBraine.
"The U.S has been at war with Iran as of Thursday, March 20th So who made it official?
A unit within the US Treasury Department, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), which issued a March 20 advisory to the world's financial institutions under the title: "Guidance to financial institutions on the continuing money laundering threat involving illicit Iranian activity."

Iran did not say it wanted to wipe Israel off the map as was repeated in our news. Nor have they ever called for nuclear weapons, although George Bush and others have said Iran is seeking them. A company called "MEMRI" which is run by two neo-conservative Israelis translated the majority of the Arabic language news that comes from the Middle East before it hits American media. They have mistranslated Iranian statements to make them inflammatory attacks when in Arabic they were not. This is potential fraud. Our corporate media has failed to clarify this issue and our president, who must know the real translations, is capitalizing on this information gap.

Video: Information About MEMRI

This additional information should provide adequate context."

The Money Masters
Ring of Power

Download any of these movies using this program:"

America has been plotting to invade Iran for several years. We recently defrauded Iran by invading their waters and claiming they were international waters, when there are no international waters in that region. Iran imprisoned several of our sailors who had again invaded their country and gladly they were released in time. We fabricated radio transmissions and claimed them to be Iranian. Our recent NIST report and other intelligence from America and the EU has shown that Iran is not developing a nuclear weapons program. I believe it.

I disapprove of Islamic enforcement of Sharia on unwilling individuals, their execution of minors, their approval, like ours, of torture, and their people's state-condemned practices of justice-rape and honor killings. But I will never support fake claims or a false agenda to cause wars. War is when you must defend your country from an invader. I will never wage an aggressive war for others' resources or control. The ongoing risk of a nuclear reactor in Iran should be confronted by new power sources, not by military might. As an anti-nuclear advocate, I am against Iran building nuclear power plants. They should put their money into solar or wind power generation instead. I will ask Iran to join Massachusetts in a nuclear moratorium if I am elected.

Iran is the world's only Islamic Republic state. They are closely interactive with the religion of Islam and world Muslim clerics. When a cleric or fighter somewhere makes a statement, it does not necessarily reflect on the entire religion of Islam nor is it backed by the state of Iran.

I am a very spiritual man, and I do not advocate invading Iran. I believe that even the fundamentalists of Islam can be brought to knowing peace, especially with the help of nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia, which we have been underutilizing as friends, in the interest of money and power.

They represent the things that our Twin Towers represent, and someone in our government intends to bring them both down, Iran, which is power, using power, and Saudi Arabia, which is money, using money. But what is not recognized by the plotters is that the original attacks against the WTC, which stand for American and Israeli money and power, were done by our own forces.

The risk of the false flag Operation Noble Resolve, and the response-attack against Iran, remains high. The risk of an economic collapse to destabilize Saudi Arabia is also on the table. I want to take these off the table and replace them with understanding and peace.

The latest Russian intelligence from March 29 shows a US military buildup on the Iranian border. We've been moving warships and attack groups to the Strait of Hormuz, a key bottleneck of the Persian Gulf. We may be preparing to illegitimately invade Iran.

In this case, a kickoff event of false flag terrorism could be only days away. I pray that someone on the ground in one of these false flag events discovers the plan or something irregular and acts in a way to crack the false flag event and prevent the disaster, also exposing the responsibility of those who plan it.

Such an attack would weaken and polarize America considerably, giving an environment in which to impose martial law and a coup. I advise Americans to remember previous warnings that a declaration of martial law might not be true martial law, but instead a coup d'etat.

On May 2, 2008 a CIA agent in Houston, Texas was pulled over, shot and killed by local police while chasing Israeli secret agents carrying a suitcase nuclear bomb. He had pursued them in a high speed chase topping 122mph while geiger counters were tripping. Please pray with me that these madmen are caught and that no one is harmed.


Henry Kissinger: "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

Those are the words of a man who has given up.

Scott Ritter on Invading Iran

Think of them, as I will.

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