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Flying Saucers over Washington, DC, 1952

Harry S. Truman in July of 1952 admitted that flying saucers are real.

Video: Interview with Truman and footage of the alien craft.

These UFOs appeared for 6 hours over secured airspace in Washington DC, seen by a variety of radars at the time. It was Saturday July 19, 1952.

Video: Interview and Data on "Washington Merry Go Round"

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell confirmed aliens are real and being concealed in this article from July 24, 2008.

The Disclosure Project is a group of 400 officers from all branches of our armed forces who are willing to testify before Congress about their experiences with extraterrestrial beings and craft. I welcome their testimony and I would invite them to a special session of Congress in Massachusetts or visit their session in Washigton, DC.

Video: Selected testimony from the Disclosure Project

Video: The first 115 minute Disclosure Project

Video: Astronaut on Gemini mission reports a "Bogey"

There are reports of alien artifacts on the moon.

This video is of alien artifacts found in images taken of Mars.

This video recounts deals our government has made with alien organizations from the 1950's onward.

Video: The Art Bell Radio Show's "Distressed Caller" from 1997

Biblical history and antiquity is full of accounts of aliens coming to earth. The Israelites were led by a pillar of fire by night and a floating cloud by day. The spiritual engage in empathic communication with spiritual beings and angels on a frequent basis, and resist the works of evil beings and demons. Jesus Christ frequently cast out demons and performed miraculous healings. He said Christians will cast out demons as well.

Egyptian artifacts unearthed from pyramids and tombs contain a gold model airplane that features aerodynamic specifications we have only discovered in the 20th century. They also used batteries there and in Mesopotamia and had very accurate calendars. It is probable that they interacted with earth's electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic fields of constellations. Their pyramids may have been electromagnetic lenses and conductive points. The tops of them were allegedly gilded as well, providing conductivity.

Ancient Mayan drawings show beings coming out of flying saucers and special helmeted and suited beings. Their calendars were also very accurate.

One painting from the Renaissance shows a person in a flying device in the background of the painting. The journals of a prince traveling to the Bulgar region describe enormous ufo battles taking place in the sky and describes special formations. These battled lasted for hours.

Consider this radio report about the Battle of Los Angeles:

Crop circles are amazing formations. It is said that the stalks of the plants are superheated without breaking them to cause them to bend to the earth, in a way that our scientists have not accomplished. This crop circle from Chilbolton, United Kingdom, describes the genetic makeup and population of gray aliens, in reciprocation to our own SETI broadcast from 1974. It also contains a picture of the face on Mars, 'Cydonia', and a binary spirally encoded message saying "Beward of the givers of false gifts and their broken promises". This was in August of 2001, shortly before the September 11 events.

Video: Chilbolton

The police have been hiring psychics to help them find missing bodies for decades. Performing these empathic and psionic activities with aliens may be a commonplace procedure for many spiritual, whether they know it or not. Dreams may be psionic activities. This is the most important thing for mankind to study as a whole, alongside the freedom technologies.

Living Electromagnetic Fields

The Max Planck Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Sydney recently discovered that powerful electromagnetic fields in plasma form helicies and double-helicies using space dust in deep space. These electromagnetic organizations fulfil all of the requirements of living things through amperage. Other non-biological life forms are dust formations housed as static electricity, and others as special vibrations. These are the proof of concept of non-biological life.

Susan Joy Rennison, author of the book Tuning the Diamonds, Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution has excellent commentary on this topic.

The Swedish Association for the Electrosensitive is a foundation dedicated to helping those who have electrosensitivity. A BBC publication related that 3% of society is electrosensitive.

Assemble these three principles together and we have an amazing link between consciousness, life, and energy, founded wholly in science.

A group of 4000 Transcendental Meditators practiced in Washington DC in the summer of 1993 with the Istitute of Science Technology and Public Policy and researchers John S. Hagelin, Maxwell V. Rainforth, David W. Orme-Johnson, and Kenneth L. Cavanaugh. Their goal was to reduce violent crime in the city. As was demonstrated in ~40 previous experiments and in 1993, violent crime during the period of the meditation was reduced by 24.6%. Scientific control was exacted for hundreds of variables.

If elected, I will introduce legislation to have Massachusetts sponsor these programs in Boston and every city in the state every month or more frequently. I will also introduce legislation to ban Scientology from Massachusetts because of its atrocious practices. I will also stand behind my desire to end the war on drugs and legalize the psychadelic drugs that can enhance or stimulate the brain into having these spiritual experiences.

CIA's Remote Viewing

The CIA has been engaging in Remote Viewing for over 2 decades, and has spent billions of dollars on this intelligence gathering branch of the military. Their programs begun in 1972 with a CIA-initiated investigation at Stanford University were 'shut down' in 1995 before commercial publication of books on the topic, surely to move into black operations and underground. One specialist and ex-military in this field, Dr David Morehouse, has published many books on his experiences and the techniques of Remote Viewing since 1995. The CIA left the program to the American Institute of Research when they closed their public programs.

Consider in relation to this the accounts of John Titor, a time traveler from the year 2036. Our scientists are just now discovering many scientific properties relative to the foundations of time travel, such as interdimensional vibration, the Large Hadron Collider's potential generation of mini black holes, advanced properties of relativity, nanomaterials and alchemy, and other scientific advances. In the late 1990's we provided the laboratory proof of concept of time travel in our laboratories with subatomic particles. By 2036 we will have working time machines. Many other warnings of the future world relayed John Titor appear credible. Consider this in relation to CIA Remote Viewing.

More videos on the Disclosure Project found here. Let us emphasize that power can come from either increasingly gross arrogance or increasingly excellent truth. Truth is greater than arrogance, as arrogance is the deviation from truth, and the original is always greater than the degradation provided fundamental truths of freedom, peace, uniqueness, and individuality remain, which are impossible to fully erase.

Examine the Swedish Society for the Electrosensitive. I, William Bunker, am electrosensitive.

I would be willing to train and interact with aliens on behalf of mankind if elected to a position of authority. I am currently intreracting with the American Institute for Research pursuant to Remote Viewing, and am investigating training colleagues to work in the Paranormal Company I have established. I am a practicing Christian.

I encourage you to examine the Hollow Earth theory and the Hydroplate theory.

Video: Hollow Earth interview with Rodney Cluff

Considering the quantity and quality of alien evidence and spiritual probability and airbrushing of material on the Moon and Mars doing this to Earth's poles is understandable. We have seen subatomic particles fossilized while forming when foundational rock was cored and sampled. The Young Earth theory and Hollow Earth theory are possible and probable, opening massive new avenues of science and anthropology.

Here the Great Flood is explained, and is estimated to have taken place at around 2400BC.

High energy physicists, geologists, and archaeologists are finding that the world contains more amazing things than many people believe is possible. How this coverup of accredited uncommon events affects the American populace, and how these uncommon events shape politics is still unfolding.

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