Thursday, September 11, 2008

1 Minute Statement of Why I am Running:

I am an Eagle Scout running for the seat of Representative because I want to spread knowledge to Westford, Chelmsford, and Littleton about the actions of the state. Others have been withholding technology that can run our cars, engines, and power plants using water and producing no pollution. You can read and watch videos about it below or at We're paying too much in health insurance, taxes, and we should do more to honor liberty and hold our leaders accountable. Hold me accountable. We're heading for a big war with Iran and on the edge of a global economic disaster. I encourage you to protect your investments. I hope to bring jobs and prosperity to Massachusetts by inspiring a water engine and electric car manufacturing plant and generator factory to the Merrimac Valley.

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Ancient proverb
"You can never step into the same river twice."

"No two people can look at the same river."
William Bunker