Friday, May 2, 2008

Free Trade and Minarchism

A friend once asked me: why are you opposed to large corporations?

They abuse and use leverage frequently, which is the opposite of a free market. I am running for office for a series of liberty enhancements and changes consistent with the Constitution. It also will allow me to help oversee the delivery of concealed energy and medical patents and freedom to the public.

A coerced trade is not free trade. Workers in FTZ's in SE Asia, producers of falsified studies and information distorters and withholders are exacting market leverage. Other financial transactions and shuffling is leveraged trade. That is the beginning of a trust and is unfree trade. NAFTA is not free trade. The WTO is not free trade. The IMF and WB’s job is to produce unequal market conditions to get cheap goods and services and to sustain that condition through debt.

What is a trust but a very high ratio of leverage? What is a very low ratio of leverage? A very low ratio of leverage is a tiny trust. That is impure capitalism and is a dictatorship of money. As the Soviets had no real communism and instead a dictatorship, we have no real capitalism and instead a dictatorship.

As a Republican Libertarian, I believe in a free market, and if a person or group can trade on a free market well, then absolutely I promote them joining into the largest group possible and sharing expenses and voluntary profit division. But as soon as a group abuses a free market they become a gang of pirates and a series of dictators and slavers.

I believe in state competition with corporations. I believe that if a state is owned by the people it can function very effectively in competition with for-profit business. Think of the state as the biggest not-for-profit business you've ever seen, and all of you in the nation are equal shareholders by voting. Or don't!

The attachment line is very small when the government programs are entirely optional. Government could become a bloc of well publicized and recommended never-for-profit optional participation businesses, surrounded by a minarchist elected eldership of the courts, police, congress, an executive, and a military. Providing that the free market is not infringed, ever, on even a personal level, which would be crime, they will do nothing at all.

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