Friday, April 25, 2008

Illegal immigration

Illegal immigrants are the least of our worries. Letting them be and stay here in a way is a charity. Calling it legitimate is a violation of law and justice. That distinction must be made.

A serious fence should be put up and those who are caught should be deported with a more serious way of keeping them out. Maybe we could arrange a deal with Belize or another Central American nation bordering Mexico to legally deport them to *southern* Mexico and not just throw them back over the border. It might be worth it to sail down there and back instead of pick them up.

A southern border fence is a simple security directive. I promote a fence designating our borders. I believe that enforcement alone is ineffective and has been proven such over the decades we've used that as a primary policy.

Our war on drugs produces a substantial attractive force for illegitimate travel through our southern border and Florida. Ending the war on drugs will dramatically stem the tide of illegal fare coming into America, and the attractive conditions found with it. New cooperation with Mexico after the drug war will enhance the quality of the region and the border. Mexico too has passed laws favorable to drug legalization, and legalized drugs for 3 days until bowing to American pressure and restoring prohibition. Jamaica and other Caribbean nations have worked against the drug war too. Legalizing and drugs and building social education and non-enforcement resistance to drugs will reduce the profitability of narcotrafficing for groups such as the FARC and also aid their liberty.

Our corporation-friendly and civilian-unfriendly North American and Caribbean Free Trade Agreements [NAFTA & CAFTA] and other anti-competitive political treaties and our agricultural subsudies make South and Central America less pleasant places to live. Our political backing of dictators in Nicaragua and other nations makes that zone economically and socially depressed and encourages flight north.

We and our neighbors can benefit from a stronger Southern America and a stronger border. The border is never a one-sided issue.

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