Friday, April 4, 2008

Youth Arrested Over Bio-Fuels

I used to drive through South Hadley, Massachusetts, with frequency during my time in the happy valley. This young man, John E. Robinson, Jr, was recently arrested by the ATF and his laboratory taken apart and confiscated.

If this is what we do to scientists in this country, it is time for a change.

This man should be working with others in his school and with local businesses to fulfill his dreams. This man is intelligent and doing work in the field. His arrest is questionable. Manyin the valley are working on biodiesel and have biodiesel in their vehicles. I support this move away from gasoline and looked on occasion to convert my own car to a biodiesel burning vehicle. I would be one of this man's patrons in another setting.

We should give this man proper warnings about the dangers of the chemicals involved if we get the opportunity and if he wants them. A scientist's freedom is to be respected and we cannot and should not stop people from doing experiments like these. I am going to investigate letting him go free and chaging our law to reduce the amount of money spent on this kind of incident. We can stop evil scientists, not good ones.

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