Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NSA Listens to Pre-Crime Tones

Our NSA listens to our phones for pre-crime tones. The human vocal chords are attached to circuitry that dictates what kind of tone they will produce socially. This is expressive and part of communication. Some people have disorders making them unable to control the tone of their voice. Other than these disorders, the human only makes these tones when certain circuits indicating emotion are completed in the brain. This is how we know that pre-crime is occuring. The emotional circuit in the brain that turns on when emotional violence, some regret, and some conviction activates and this pre-crime tone is made.

We can listen for other uniquely human tones as well. Human sexuality is full of these tone indicators. One such tone is the willing known lie. The song is often modified by 'substantiation' or other song chord shifts on the same theme, which adjust the original tone by a geometric function, but the original tone is still recognizable by a machine. This is similar to the polygraph, but more detailed, and the polygraph is inside your own head. Smell and pheromones may have a similar function.

Politicians can be tested by sophisticated electrical machinery to analyze the tone of the voice like the NSA listens to for special tones. Sometimes competing neurological electromagnetic fields follow these tones and emotions, or the thoughts and values that exist unspoken. These constitute a broad field of empathy.

I recommend that all politicians speeches and interviews be analyzed in this manner. I believe this will help tell we the people which politicians are lying about which topics and what they really care about.

Test me on one of these machines if you get the opportunity. I am pleased to be interviewed.

I will vote in favor of net neutrality. The internet is a flat rate call. I will protect the 4th amendment.

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