Monday, March 24, 2008

Tibetan Protests and an Interview with the Dalai Lama

What does this have to do with Massachusetts? The Dalai Lama once was welcomed with a gate in Northhampton, Massachusetts. We believe that global freedom and democracy is a great accomplishment, and that being part of a good and great state and community means being aware of and caring for people in our own community and our friends around the world.

We will tolerate no atrocities anywhere in the world. We will speak out against them all. Like laws enacted in Germany and France, I will introduce legislation for Massachusetts to try violators of war crimes laws and the Geneva Convention from anywhere in the world, when present or not. We will try and find and release our findings on every nation on earth that is guilty of war crimes from torture to genocide. We will not be silent.

There has been a large uprising in Tibet against Chinese rule.

A Chinese dissident who told the government Tibetan freedom is more important than the 2008 olypics was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Cops also beat Tibetan protesters IN AMERICA. These police, the sheriff who ordered it, and the Chinese government are cowards who are unable to defend themselves and their actions against legitimate scrutiny and criticism. Their debate on the issue falls short as it oppresses and harms others. May they become righteous.

This is the link from The Pirate Bay if wikileaks is banned in your country. I hope my policies would work to crack tyrannies around the globe and not support or trade with them, even if they may 'fall to the Soviets'.

China wants its army to oversee the torch's passage through Australia. Australia says 'No thank you, we're a democratic country. People can protest if they want.' Kudos to you, Australia! Standing up for the moral ground of the world makes more of it, and is righteous and good. You have behaved better than we in America who have beaten and restricted our protesters. China owes its people more than they give them.

I am disappointed in the bloodshed that has been performed in Tibet. Lives need not be lost in the campaign for world liberation. A sit in of the same number of monks could have been as effective as rioting if they used their resources appropriately.

I am more disappointed in the Chinese government's torture and their gyration around the International 2008 Olympics. I support France's decision to boycott Beijing and I call on all other nations to boycott these games. If they do, I expect China will cave in and change in truth in the same way they have changed on the surface.

I boycott the Olympic games.

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